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June 29, 2009


woven spines

after beginning class this week – creative writing – we were asked to start a text based journal.

i am well trained in keeping an image based sketchbook, versing the images can’t be THAT difficult, can it?

what with all the imaginary life experience occuring this week, i should have dishes of inspiration to choose from.  so, clean slate.  i needed a new book – and what better way to show of my skills of material manipulation than to actually MAKE a book? [the evolution will be graded, of course]

and so it turns out i’m not half bad at it [no tutorials required – just had to spend some time googling different types of glue].

pink weave

the tiny pink one was the first one i made – i didn’t sew the pages together quite right so it was quite wobbly but i reinforced it rather nicely by collaging the interior seams with extra paper.  bond paper is obviously the easiest to pierce, but it gets a little boring [though composed of histology text book, high school math notes, print offs of lj comm welikepills, seth’s drawings i pulled out of the garbage, and a printer version of de sade’s La Philosophie dans le boudoir [i think]].

i tore apart old issues of SWINDLE and EYE and APERTURE and made a scribbler

green page three

as usual – i lose my selves in every project i start.  my fingers are chapped and itching.  there is love everywhere.

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June 25, 2009


Coming into awakening – sleep in the enemy of the people.

People who don’t exist – calling beyond context into distraction.  These are the Imaginary.

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June 23, 2009



a scrumble in progress.  it is the most bizarre garment that i could dream of wearing in public.

let there be freeform.  let this girl wear it backwards if need be.  every colour imagined lets her hide in plain sight.

just….don’t feed the animals.

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June 22, 2009


sponge one

i must admit, i’ve had a heck of a time trying to replicate the original Amoebarag [how many times have people asked me the definition of ‘replicate’?  IT’S IN THE DICTIONARY, FOLKS.  LOOK IT UP.  GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND]

in any case, i’ve stumbled upon the idea that patterning freeforms is irrelevant AND impossible!  i am very sorry to announce that you are all going to have to settle for unique, one of a kind objects.  AW SHUCKS!

i’m sorry if i’m coming across as rather…snide…but today, in the MTL humidity, technology [did i type that right?] is not my friend.


THEY [the cloths]’RE FOR SALE

i currently have 2 sets of 3 assorted up on etsy etsy etsy etsy etsy etsy etsy but if these colours are just not *you* then by all means!  slip me a gee-mail with your faves and i’m sure we’ll have a grand arrangement.  i wouldn’t want to see you grimy in the evolution!


three all tree


evolutionary set

June 18, 2009

Kreetures + Mots

A wise man once said, in regards to the existence of objects in his absence


the octobunny, the platoctopillar.  the newest, most fun additions to the evolution.  just in time for ilhu to start darwin’s THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES on audiobook [which is difficult, considering the quality of the narrator’s voice. there on the mountain, the house of oaks, caterpillars rained on me. i began to shift an octobunny into a platoctopus, platoctopillar in ~chance colour choices, and other evolutionary mi/steaks

plat shit

fuck seashore.  give me seahorse seahell.

most recently thrown throne into the arms of the evolution is freeform lyfe [worn to crose yo fase]


[picture by RETEMA]

ways to clean your environment.  what began as a guilty action in the desire to make everything i own turned [or eveolved] into me, sitting in front of @navarino crocheting a nu dishrag turned into granny triage triangles.  i was thankfully interrupted such a menial task by the realised existence of a very certain book in such close proximity to my skin.  running down st viateur with 5-minute ago unknown energy, climbing over stacks and racks and wrecks of books for OAK MOT what a queer name!
oak mot!

trembling in every limb, i called the only person i knew to think of.  i divided all my books.  remaining were now the Six [PPP] [previously the Five] [i don’t think i could every replace ~these books]

patches // kelly vivanco
dada // kenneth coutte-smith
falling // [info]reqbat
the electric kool-aid acid test // tom wolfe
oak mot // crispin hellion glover
house of leaves // mark z danielewski

beginning to begin to take levels and take it to another bevel.

June 16, 2009

Kalashnicozy Boner Corner


context out of cozy

cuddle with your guns, keep your tools close and closer

make your next pillow fight a lesson in evolution in coze

twin machetes

rest against these twin machetes, they take the pain away

[[[[[[machine embroidery on recuperated cloth – looks to be a batiste on kalashnikozy and a twill on twin machetes]]]]]]]

for heaven’s sake, come back to bed.

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June 7, 2009



Friday night called for questionable behaviour.
Attempt to pare pear pair payr down to the essentials many many books got the cut to be return to original owners, sold like slaves for a profit, or to be devoured into something anything else.

GettyImages + Holga 120 CFN manual combined [youth] in homage to a decade i was not permitted to experience, for [meta]physical reasons beyond my comprehension.  So given the information in front of me – 6PPP style.

[The Roman Polanski / Sharon Tate and Space Girl pages are close favourites]

Mixed Media product for pleasure.

Want it?  It’s yours.

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