sponge one

i must admit, i’ve had a heck of a time trying to replicate the original Amoebarag [how many times have people asked me the definition of ‘replicate’?  IT’S IN THE DICTIONARY, FOLKS.  LOOK IT UP.  GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND]

in any case, i’ve stumbled upon the idea that patterning freeforms is irrelevant AND impossible!  i am very sorry to announce that you are all going to have to settle for unique, one of a kind objects.  AW SHUCKS!

i’m sorry if i’m coming across as rather…snide…but today, in the MTL humidity, technology [did i type that right?] is not my friend.


THEY [the cloths]’RE FOR SALE

i currently have 2 sets of 3 assorted up on etsy etsy etsy etsy etsy etsy etsy but if these colours are just not *you* then by all means!  slip me a gee-mail with your faves and i’m sure we’ll have a grand arrangement.  i wouldn’t want to see you grimy in the evolution!


three all tree


evolutionary set

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