woven spines

after beginning class this week – creative writing – we were asked to start a text based journal.

i am well trained in keeping an image based sketchbook, versing the images can’t be THAT difficult, can it?

what with all the imaginary life experience occuring this week, i should have dishes of inspiration to choose from.  so, clean slate.  i needed a new book – and what better way to show of my skills of material manipulation than to actually MAKE a book? [the evolution will be graded, of course]

and so it turns out i’m not half bad at it [no tutorials required – just had to spend some time googling different types of glue].

pink weave

the tiny pink one was the first one i made – i didn’t sew the pages together quite right so it was quite wobbly but i reinforced it rather nicely by collaging the interior seams with extra paper.  bond paper is obviously the easiest to pierce, but it gets a little boring [though composed of histology text book, high school math notes, print offs of lj comm welikepills, seth’s drawings i pulled out of the garbage, and a printer version of de sade’s La Philosophie dans le boudoir [i think]].

i tore apart old issues of SWINDLE and EYE and APERTURE and made a scribbler

green page three

as usual – i lose my selves in every project i start.  my fingers are chapped and itching.  there is love everywhere.

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