Composed Quickys

the power of a woman, waiting.

quicky front


quicky back


I wrote, drew, and assembled this 6PPP bad boy as the glues were drying for the books below.

I rather adore this because it came out by accident – there was to plan for ‘quicky’. most of the text is based on IMAGINARY, but the rest utilizes the material itself to ~abstractify the story. the images may or may not relate to what is being said.

3 books

3 books

assembled, bound, glued and trimmed – now in the shop! not bad for my first attempt at book binding.


2 Comments to “Composed Quickys”

  1. I really like your header image, and especially the quote you have up top, so I guess the design in general :). The writing looks like it was written with your left hand (or right, I guess, if you are left-handed), but I like the effect that it has. very creative

  2. thank you! it is an inverted image of a landmark here in montreal – my initiation into the idea of industry.
    the quote in arbitrary text is not mine though it remains as one of the most inspiring things i’ve ever heard.
    and the text was written with my left hand – and i’m left handed. my natural script is a little on the creepy side.

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