Slogtra // Itinerance

bind maxing waxing moons over mont royal

i knew the headache was just a humid pressure thing
wake up and smell the astronaut

make your own orange juices
i want to make genres as you make flavours [water crystals?  just add water!]

‘the first time i got AIDS…no wait that was…chicken pox?’
my scars still itch most ferociously when dowsed in boiling water

krakatoa is not a kraken

maybe that’s just because i’m an oinoin / showering ninja


anyone who knows me knows i moved haus [and industries] on the weekend.  luckily it wasn’t very far [5 whole blocks!] but the ordeal remained rainy.

as much of a fan of nomadism i am, there is still a pull towards permanence – a real haus is desired – one that is mine and maybe also another’s?  at this stage in my life and practice it is impossible, but a girl’s got vision.

in any case

here is my east facing wall


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