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i lie via faecesbook. not only is there the internet in lachine, but also i am not married, not from east timor, not going to school in croatia, not a fascist woman, not an 80 year old man with cheek gloss. my favourite song IS in fact ‘billie jean not my jeans’ [remix by berg]

so here goes folk

kablammo i single handedly assembled that bed yeaaa

yes, i really did assemble that mezzanine bed BY MY SELF no help at all. rule much? but but but the ceiling is much lower than it was at hutch and i can’t sit up in bed, let alone hang out / walk on ceiling. but the room is already an art-splosion and BEHOLD THE GLORY WINDOW

OONA !!!

this is OONA, our resident qat. she was born with only one ear which automatically scores her with extra owesome points. also, her meow makes her sound as if she is an 75 year old chain smoker since the age of 10. enjoys belly rubs and sunshine.

shortly after this i took up a job in lachine / dorval for the long weekend.
the bake bike is ~17km and i was carrying a 23 lb pack. traveling along the lachine canal made me feel as though i were a true voyageur [grade 10 history throwback – voyageurs were the men transporting the goods via rivers and lakes across this god forsaken country of ours [GOOD GOONS the PORTAGES they must have had to bear – on a measly meal of pork and beans – these are the heros of our capitalist nation], while the couriers des bois were the badass dudes trading first hand with the natives] SCHWEEE

look at him go !

i look for the exact moment when the plane looses earth contact. i live for that moment of air transience. lachine / dorval proves its transient appeal – the canal / highway / airport combination is a rare force to be reckoned with. despite the unfortunate suburbia, the Romanticism remains [though i would never permanently reside here unless i were 40 or ready to die or the like]


these installations are a little pretentious [YES WE KNOW ITS A RIVER] but it called for a photograph whilst biking and not looking at all where i’m going hence the composition is even worse than normal. those poplars remind me of maximus’ memorydreme from GLADIATOR.

ever since i got out here there has been a lot of this going on

lazy legs

what can i say.

there actually HAS been work going on – a lot of work, but my standards, however slow

i didn’t take many photos because i packed clothes practically to make room for copious amounts of supplies and frankly i look like a hosebag.

tuna bag / fail

kind of a fail bag. the wool looked good in a ball but as i crocheted it up it looks a lot like a tuna casserole. i cannot not NOT for the life of me crochet straight rectilinear planes they always turn into triangles at some point. tuna triangle bag? do i know anyone who can pull that off???

scandinavian dress ?

i started this dress straight up blue but threw in the red for kicks. it reminds me of norway quite a bit [or heavily inspired by passing this building biking back from the air fields]. i’ll put in the yellow because it reminds me of sweden and call it a scandinavian dress [tho this is not scandivanian weather i can tell you that much]. i am afraid as i keep knitting the red stripe will end up across the butt and it will turn into a BUTT HAZARD which is not a good thing,,,,i dont think?
\ those blues are for more AMOEBARAGS so heads up in a FUTUUUUUURE POOOOOOOOST


more lazy

it being sunday and all i figured i should give my new jesus pendant a whorl. yes i am wearing a shirt with a bow tie baby on it.

kind of a bro

this unfortunate photo does not do the piece justice – i originally made it as oh lord the name escapes me – a sort of a shoulder piece – it reminds me of fancy pants generals or princes or someone really important. well i wanted to highlight that importance that lies in everyone with this magnificantly versatile necklace / shoulder piece / mask / jaunty hat. must model when looking a little less bent.

TAVI is currently the ultimate inspirator. keep it up little dude!

until next time
keep the guitar riffs extra zippy for me- BILL AND TED / WYLD STALLYNS STYLE !!
i’m back in mtl tomorrow eve

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