yea you really gotta go to school

combined with

and man i am feeling the not so excited for schools

‘she acts like a slut but she’s really a freezer’

oh heather

just some proof that YES sometimes i can be pretty. if no one’s looking and the light isn’t hitting my face you can see my turquoise hexagonal sun eyes.


a wee basket necklace made of gymp / gimp, yarn, thread, and vintage necklaces. dig. the basket came from a sampler i made my first year structures class [was it really that long ago already? yes it was. stop asking.]


made the chain sometime at my dad’s house the beginning of summer. i saw quite a few people wearing the crochet chain thing so i tucked it away until it goes out of style. its quite swinging still [blergh] but i wore it out to jordan catalano’s party and got many compliments on it, as well as my bones. boo. tshirt is heavily altered smashing pumpkins ZERO. for some reason all the tshirts at labyrinthe are xxxxl and they seem to be ok with that. i bought it anyway cos i was 18 and heavily in the ‘pumpkins and anything billy corgan really. it sat around my closet for almost 4 years till i cut it up and sewed it back together into this ridiculously nonfunctional tshirt dress.

i have been thinking quite a bit about the freight industry lately [wait arent i always?] and have yet to think of a way to improve upon it. along with the banking system, we need more quiet revolutions.

i read this article on the lac bloom project and i think its is rather funny, and strangely unsurprising. the textile manufacturing industry here in quebec has all but collapsed completely what with the cheap labour available overseas – china specifically – and now our mines are being opened to fuel more work outside of our area. the ore is being mined mainly for the manufacturing of cars [which makes me even queasier – i would have like our ore to have built the bixis instead of the job sold to rio tinto alcan [australian, i believe] but i think the city of montreal had a choice in the supplier. in any case, 250 jobs are opened up so its better than nothing. as stranger this ~recession gets the more i realise how much trade is really being dealt between international corporations. nothing, if anything, that is made here stays here.
is this the looks of an evolution? no, i’m projecting again and it’s always been this way.

thumbs to the bumbs

thumbs up. waaaay up.


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