Dichototronic Tonic

split mandala

back to bummed.  daaaaaaaaaaang.

same heartache, different day.  a little trapped.
req and i [ok its all req] planning the nyc for end of dec.  ackkkkk i am going to be even broker then but hopefully a little happier.

wood void

enter the Void. i think i’m going to be reading some more kerouac. desolation angels. dharma bums. i’m not giving it back – i need it more than they do.

sans yeallow

these markers ruin the paper quite a bit. too wet? everything is too wet, i cannot light an altar for her, or anyone.

if i had more money i think i would get the lyrics to ‘clover’ tattooed on my body.


this one is based on METATRON’S CUBE
anyone who knows the slightest thing about me knows how i feel about anything meta, tron, or cube.
i want to eat it, drink it, love it, hold it.
how is it that i get along so brilliantly with the metaphysical world yet constantly fail in the physical?


brown blue


let’s go to new york and forget about all this.

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