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December 25, 2009

Seasoned Gratings

Seasoned Gratings

from all of here at the industries, we would like to wish you, my dear reader, my eternal friends and lovers of the evolution, a most seasoned gratings.

be they juniper, jasmine, bergamot, cinnamon, heather, rosemary, or thyme – let them be the spiciest and sweetest times of our lives.

this year, this summer of 903 and supposed suaveness – full of hope and failure, and peppered with sighs of success, i certainly could not have done it without you.  a very large and sincere thanks to all those who shared beluga with me, and HI to all those new visitors to my corner of the internet.

in other news, i haven’t been working on any projects to show, other than 8 million octobunnies and crustmas gifts for the fam [including a corn on the cob pencil case, a knit hat, waterbottle socks, a necklace, a brooch, and some drawings]

all of which must be finished up and wrapped – and soon enough i’ll be on the road to new york city!  i’ll most likely post a few quick photos from the hotel, so keep your eyes as peeled as tangerines.

keep it glossy glossolalia, lovers.
ilhu of the industries.

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December 12, 2009



for anyone in the mtl area – come to studio beluga next weekend and support 10 mtl artists and their [actually really fabulous] work!  i’ll be there with my octobunnies, handbound notebooks, and mandalas!

#32A, 999 du college

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December 10, 2009


I attempted many things this week already.

Socializing was a bit of a fail but maybe i will be better for it.
in any case, i wanted to combine -hedrons with swimmerman to give him an edge. but this character already exists.

pyramid head

but thats ok! i got to do some visual / figure drawing to get me thinking some more

octahedron hands

too dr seuss-y?


i made a mock up of my own pyramid head out of stir sticks but i love the shape. i want it to be heavier though – so heavy i cannot even bear it.
to be made to fit my body so no one else can fit it.
to be lined with pins and glass.
to hurt me every time i wear it.


it will block my vision, my voice, and my hearing. i will not be able to move or cry.

a punishment for my laziness, for my parapaparazzitic self. these obsessions are getting wildly out of hand.

im still the self destructive 16 year old i always was i am just finding newer, more conceptual ways to validate it. instead of cutting its art.

it is discipline.

December 6, 2009

Love Is No Light pt 3

 love is no light

clikity – largest is best!

a collage of photos i took of festive lights to and from the pa.

and one of brick i took from place des arts metro.

December 5, 2009

Tetra Gramma Ton

Glossolalia coats my skin / Glycerin and the turbulence / Stuffed the voice inside of God / Mirrors to the animals / slamina eht ot srorriM

tetragrammaton // the mars volta

December 3, 2009


i am pleased to announce the birth of a new mythology

[i have taken his name.  faecesbook notes H Elixabete Swimmerman-Utah]


Swimmerman is the new face of defeat, his pointed and sharp fingers pain both physically and psychologically.  nonsensical presence on dry land catches you unawares and nightmared.

underwater spoken smiling muffled heartbeat geometry.  bleeding.


if i had to commit suicide it would be drowning but Swimmerman slit his wrists centuries ago.

he is in the process of evolving gills.  his hair is made of worms, cutting you open and spawning your intestines to a new generation of boredom.

pen and immaturity

December 2, 2009

Give. Up. Swimmerman.

give up

art school, the eternal facepalm, kind of makes me want to.
Swimmerman Hands are my favourite part.

left hand knows best

Swimmerman was the result of a bizarre conversation btwn the late sarge and myself regarding olympic mythology. unable to sleep afterwards, i had to get the image of this hungarian water polo player out of my head.

here he is in his first manifestation ::


and now threatening guido van der werve in EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT


drawing critique next week.  should i keep going with Swimmerman?  or maybe just his hands.

also i’ve been entertaining the idea of recording a cover album because i have no idea why or how i would ever do such a thing.

December 1, 2009

from vandals to evangels

congratulations, all, we’ve made it through november