I attempted many things this week already.

Socializing was a bit of a fail but maybe i will be better for it.
in any case, i wanted to combine -hedrons with swimmerman to give him an edge. but this character already exists.

pyramid head

but thats ok! i got to do some visual / figure drawing to get me thinking some more

octahedron hands

too dr seuss-y?


i made a mock up of my own pyramid head out of stir sticks but i love the shape. i want it to be heavier though – so heavy i cannot even bear it.
to be made to fit my body so no one else can fit it.
to be lined with pins and glass.
to hurt me every time i wear it.


it will block my vision, my voice, and my hearing. i will not be able to move or cry.

a punishment for my laziness, for my parapaparazzitic self. these obsessions are getting wildly out of hand.

im still the self destructive 16 year old i always was i am just finding newer, more conceptual ways to validate it. instead of cutting its art.

it is discipline.

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