Art’s Birthday

you’re not actually BUYING this, are you? [file it under art groan]

if you look very carefully, you’ll notice that the dude  who staked this claim [robert filiou] shares the exact same birthdate.  this person claimed that art was born on that very day.  so i guess picasso was just being an asshole.

[i think i smell a rat]

be very wary of movements. even of me as i say this.

once again, there’s a whole lot of talking
and not a heck of a lot of doing.

in this deplorable city, ‘art’s birthday’ is just another excuse for yuppy youngsters to be yuppy and young and drunk.

instead, i WORKED [you know, a job], sang decadent lullabies, watched more of the mighty boosh, and wrote a poem.

make art, people!  have a little imagination once in a while.

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