never in all my life would i ever dare call myself a fashionable person – but i must admit, i really love clothes.  not very good at designing – i rarely pin or measure anything, ever – but styling is loads of fun.  i’m also pretty deft with a needle and thread and have access to printing materials, so i’ve been customizing my wardrobe for quite a few years now.

my favourite theme is CMYK but what with these depression like symptoms, i’ve been leaning towards the black and white combos lately.  and now i’ve been spicing it up with some silver lamé, just to honour the summer selves.

silver lame is love hitcher detail

silver leggings – boutique mystique in soho
hitcher shirt – white cotton appliqué on vintage black tshirt

^can you tell i spent the entire weekend watching back episodes of the mighty boosh?^

also – i recently bought a pair of PANTS.  denim, to be specific.  its been a good 2 years since ive owned a proper pair of pants.  my early 20s are definitely being ruled by the skirt + shirt combo, or to make things really easy, a sassy dress, straight up and down.

but check THIS out


thsirt – zellers, men’s section [owesome pack of 3 vnecks], self silkscreened syringe – image adapted from a piece by reqbat
jeans – winner [mavi, i think]
socks – organic cotton work socks [best for shitty mtl eternal winters]

anyway this post is kind of useless and decadent so here’s a little weekend inspiration from ‘future sailors’


anyone else out there whose favourite colour is S I L V E R ?

also :: is this going too far?
is this going too far?

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