Growing up in the lower laurentians in the 90s with an older brother, I was pretty well left to my own devices when it came to entertainment.  Yea, we had a tv, but this was pre-satellite and our town didn’t carry cable.  No one in my family was interested in video games, either, so it was the forest for us all.

Needless to say i had a pretty wild imagination.  powered by top 40 playlists on my clock radio, i would spend hours upon hours creating characters named after fonts and dressed up in the most outrageous outfits my mother would buy at church bazaars [took me forever to spell that right].  oh and the JEWELERY – the most fabulous gaudy stuff you’ve ever seen.  for every real life friend i was without, i would imagine 5 in their place.  yes, i was THAT child.  i was amazing, be jealous.

Fast forward 15 years, and i’m still listening to Dance Mix 96 [i’ve had a penchant for bad music since a very young age] [disco?! really?! really] and dividing my selves into smaller quantities, until i can grasp each character and quote, only to multiply once more.  it’s a very complex process of personae – but i’ve been doing this for years so i think i know what i’m doing.

You may or may not know me, but you probably have heard me refer to myself as ‘heather utah’ or ‘ilhu’ or something.  i was not born these people – but i did make them!  with a little help from my friends karen o, lady gaga, vince noir, alan vega, david bowie, and freddy mercury, i have finally established the ULTIMATE heather utah.

smell of wet cigarette

heather utah shit yea!!!!!!!

as long as you still run

we muthafuckin know how to.  i call this series of  SPs ‘SHIT YEA’, because i’m feelin it, y0.

have some brutal macros.

stuck pig

shit yea face

pro profile

stranger, softer.  the middle one looks like someone knocked my teeth out.  FABULOUS!

ILHU and caralee roman suits not shown [as they are not formally resolved yet].

now that ‘spring’ ‘break’ is here, its time to do some more ‘serious’ fiddling with audacity and my old school casio.  as much as heather j_ is inspired by music, i think heather utah is a noisician.

in other news :: i read my tarot last night – and my FAVOURITE card, the chariot, turned up again.  everything is going to be ok!

for those of you who don’t know – i recently lost someone very close to me and my biological family – but they are in a better place now, so i’m not too distraught.  i’m just very sad that they are not around anymore, they were a tremendously strong individual who will be dearly miss.  RIP my dear geraldine!


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