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May 27, 2010



did you know? didnt you know?


UP !

dont be scared – but things will be very different around here.


May 20, 2010

East is Beast

1 week until RETEMA rerearrives, 2 weeks until THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE plays at la tulipe.

flippin be there, mates!

Photo 5

tearist in the sun, accompanied by the dictionary of alchemy.

wish you were here.

May 18, 2010

18 May 1980

30 years ago he died and yet has thankfully never disappeared entirely.
he was 23.

Someday J.S.
When you tell me everything
It will make me want to take it too far
And when you ask me everything
I will take it too far
The twenty-hundred private loops making up my
Ian Curtis, I can’t believe I said it, wishlist
Via heave and via gasp
Will seem like and will actually be
Just wicked stupid pride
Oh, what will happen
Oh, what will happen
Will you ever bleep out
Do you love me Jamie Stewart?
J.S., I am kidding

I’m just kidding

ian curtis wishlist // xiu xiu
May 9, 2010


mighty cold day at the industries – a snowy mother’s sunday.

trying to forget that i actually do have to go outside today with

  • arthur nersesian’s ‘manhattan loverboy’ [which i am enjoying as much as dogrun or unlubricated but i’ll take it
  • sewing an apron to hold my pens and tools at work
  • apron


  • brought the pots in due to potential frost and LOOKIE HERE ! i cant remember what i planted but YAY !!

i cant remember what i planted in here

  • hookin’.  lots of triangles, thousands of them!


May 9, 2010

Felt Left

those felt things i may or may not have been talking about earlier.

only one felt left


you have no idea [or maybe you do, i have no idea – do i have any artist readers out there? anyone? bueller?] how immensely wonderful it is to not have to make Art.  the past few months of whatever have been the creative equivalent of leeches.  BUT.  after being pushed to my limits to make things i have been somewhat coerced into making – making well, making meaningful, making quickly – i have eradicated any and all chance of hideous emotional projection and stuck to the fun stuff.  crocheted seahorses for brilliant 2 year olds, felt curtains for studi-ohs!, yarns for fence drawings, aprons for work, fabulously gaudy rugs for hooking………run along Art World, there’s nothing to see here.

hurry up

May 6, 2010

Trill Bee

the silly [not fun or funny kind] people are in the minority.  you just notice them more often because theyre so loud.

no matter what, maguire and de gaspe will be my favourite corner in this city.


i haven’t felt this new york since….well, new york.

in other news

i recently acquired a job in a factory!  you say ‘well its about time, calling yourself ilhu industries and all that jazz’.  so i’m enjoying my fading freedom daze as lazily as i can.
sipping soda on the front porch, patienting my newly planted seeds in every vessel i could find – coffee cans, mushroom plastics and takeout tins – its like 1934 only this time ive got a laptop.

some cities

May 5, 2010


a man whose wisdom borders on infinite once said

be the change you

want to see in

the world

[it was gandhi, you know]

never have these words rung in my head so true as they do at this very moment.  in november/december i was confronted with the reality that i cannot, on any grounds, communicate with someone if they refuse to engage with me.  so it goes.  now, a mere 5 months later, i am in an open dialogue with someone else, but whose value system is so radically different from my own, that dialogue is rendered moot.

like several thousand other montrealers, i am a renter.  my funny little complex has this hideously paved front ‘yard’.  inspired by crack gardens, my flatmate and i pulled up the dandelion infestation, and in doing so, lifted some of the asphalt lain.  our little trowel was handy, and real damage could have been done had we been armed with a spade or other large weapon.  we planted violas, lupins, and other various wildflowers.  it was a glorious time in the sun, digging the soil, talking with our neighbours.

front yard

☝28 march, 2010.  the dandelions are beginning.
☟3 may, 2010, after putting the broken pieces back like a puzzle because we didnt know what else to do with them.
view from my room and our front balcony, respectively.

front yard post debacle

we were severely reprimanded for destruction of private property and were threatened legal action if we didn’t ‘put it back’.  i’m not asking to be sympathized with at all, but i am having trouble understand the long term value of concrete.  summer rolls around and i love our west facing 2nd floor balcony.  looking down isn’t a very inviting communal space, and our efforts were to help make one while being environmentally conscious.  maybe i’m just a hole digging country girl but when and where i came from no one at all at all at all had a concrete yard. non mi piaci.

some things i value

  • spatial innovation to achieve the highest possible potential of beauty in the eye of the beholder
  • laughter
  • communication
  • change
  • oxygen
  • making your own memories
  • discovering homology [the creation of aggregates out of seemingly unrelated things]
  • friends – the family that you make for yourself
  • LOVE big LOVE
  • idealist integrity and the ability to stand by the things you value and apply them to your daily life
  • storytelling
  • health
  • resourcefulness in times of great dispossession
  • verbs, the descriptors of action

i’m not saying that what i was doing was right, but it certainly felt like the natural thing to do.  i see cracks, i pull them.  insert flower seeds, enjoy the fruits of our labour.  of all the public interventions ive done – all the tagging and the wheat pasting, it figures the one time i would get negative feedback would be right in front of my very house.  the one day r and i stood up and said ‘we are going to get off our butts and make this house a flower filled home’, the hand of the world says NO.  if the intention of the message is for me to stop, then maybe you shouldn’t look at the back yard.  i don’t want to martyr myself or go down the road of activism, that’s not for me.  but i do want to be the ACTIONIST person i value so much.  there is room for improvement, space for change.  go do!

in other news

  • watching a lot of doctor who
  • hand sewing these felt circle type things.  its a long story.
  • Lernen Deutsch, ja?!
  • latch hooking rugs with lady reqbat
  • drinking a lot of echinacea
  • cherishing my 12 year old self by revisiting my post-grunge roots



May 2, 2010

Hexahedron Tutorial

this is a tutorial post !
i don’t know anything about real origami so i’ve made up my own terms for folds and actions. ~sorry~



1] prepare yourself

you will need 3 piece of square paper. i’ve used 3 different colours to help distinguish one piece from the other. you can keep some tape handy to reinforce the top vertex while you work on the other if you want, too.


2] modules

each module is folded exactly the same. start off with an M shape, folding each sheet in half, then the quarters down towards the fold. do this for all 3.


3] triangularize

starting on the right edge of the strip, fold the corner in.


take the left hand strip and fold it parallel to the triangle you just folded.


fold the strip back onto itself, and again, each triangle is made by folding the remaining paper back onto itself.


you should then have folded a square shape out of the strip. do this for all 3 sheets.


4] pockets

take a sheet and look inside the top fold – this is the pocket. note the fold lines.



5] create your first vertex.

taking another strip, insert the end of the strip into the pocket according to corresponding fold lines. they should fit together quite nicely and make an L shape.


insert the end of your first strip into the pocket of the third strip.


insert the end of the third strip into the pocket of the second.


this is where i cheat and use a bit if tape on the inside of the vertex to reinforce and keep the sheets in place while i make the next vertex.

6] vertices fall into place

this is where things get a bit tricky, and i wish i had 3 hands. take a strip and fold in back onto itself the create the opposite vertex. here, i’m taking the blue one and inserting it into the back pocket of the pink strip. remember – you want all the fold lines to be distinct and crisp – they should all be aligned and fitting into each other. if you’re not sure you’re putting the right strip into the right pocket, try it with another pocket.


essentially, the same process of step 5 is being made only its a bit tighter and backwards. each strip wraps the other together and keeps itself in place.


the blue end is inserted into the pink pocket, the pink into the green, and the green into the blue. your hexahedron is beginning to take shape!


i fold the last corner down for easier insertion.


7] behold!


your very own hexahedron! after the last insertion you can work the edges a bit to make them crisper. mine here is a bit wobbly but essentially there are 6 sides and 5 vertices.