Felt Left

those felt things i may or may not have been talking about earlier.

only one felt left


you have no idea [or maybe you do, i have no idea – do i have any artist readers out there? anyone? bueller?] how immensely wonderful it is to not have to make Art.  the past few months of whatever have been the creative equivalent of leeches.  BUT.  after being pushed to my limits to make things i have been somewhat coerced into making – making well, making meaningful, making quickly – i have eradicated any and all chance of hideous emotional projection and stuck to the fun stuff.  crocheted seahorses for brilliant 2 year olds, felt curtains for studi-ohs!, yarns for fence drawings, aprons for work, fabulously gaudy rugs for hooking………run along Art World, there’s nothing to see here.

hurry up

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