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June 25, 2010

a broad broad abroad

cos we’re ALL better off, in NEW YORK


soon, my love.  so soon….

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June 24, 2010


i WILL take it TOO FAR

only i think i’m funny

musov shoko

musov shoko strikes again!


i’m pretty sure i’m going to be spending the rest of my living life alone because i have yet to meet someone who gets why i like this.  not enjoy the music itself [i KNOW, ok?], but to enjoy me when i’m IN IT – for the pure, positive energy i cannot help but emit as i karaoke the shit out of the nearest pair of scissors.

behold, every reason why i will eternally danse alone.

June 20, 2010

he grew sand in his hair

things are gonna change, i can feel it

this one goes out to all the friends and lovers of the evolution

all those who have been told they don’t exist

those deemed not real enough to live

this one is for you —


[translation] there’s a new ZINE in the SHOP

featuring my story ‘the imaginary’ [an edited version of imaginary // a smut of clover] and some of my very favourite things — TRIangles !  thousands of them!


the nasturtiums dont look like they’ll be blooming anytime soon

so i’ve been eating their leaves

a peppery goodness with tofu

because when they do reveal their colours

i won’t be here

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June 18, 2010


i’m just a weirdo i guess i don’t know i like it

teeth dreams


stretch those eyelids

drip those flies.

know your creeps.

June 17, 2010

fever dreams

I got the rolly on my arm and I’m pouring Chandon
And I roll the best weed cause I got it going on

deal with it

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June 11, 2010


there’s a little CALIBRATION ,,,, in the air ,,,,,,

misaligning your chips to mine

you shouldn’t have yelled so low, so long

we don’t sway like we used to

in the days of kicked it punk heads

but the body moves on in the dark

she’s working on here mermaid hair

head hanging under the faucet

kelp bleeding wet follicles

one of these days we’ll get it right

with the exception of swan tails and bunny grass

feeling a home fumbling in a foreign country

closer than a mother tongue

i felt that

you do not seem to notice


know your mountain

circles circles

i was one once

June 5, 2010

Lettuce (b)

so badly

i just so badly want to look back on this time and say

remember that time you grew lettuce out of a coffee tin?

and you would say yes

these were the times of the warlocks

wicker witches in your kitchen

waning gibbous, the prophesy!

the slicelander slides beneath

sorely shaped rooms and backcombing like it’s going out of style

oh wait it already has

you’re no SoCal, you’re no Illinois, no Norway not even Michigan

this is 1935, this lurgee riff brings be back rubber time / waxing off topic

June 4, 2010

Brian Stonedstown Massacred

i don’t even like cinnamon gum, but i took it anyway

for the long trip to dehydration

40 year old [ex?] junkies strolling on stage

the apotheosis of a thousands times before

the machine of cool is a grimace and a nod

all the classics of a dying breed

even if you can’t really mosh to ‘who?’

leave to this asshole city to try

straight up and down ROCK AND OR ROLL

dear matt hollywood

i’m sorry i called you a wiener in 2005

June 2, 2010

A Portrait

flash fire

heather ?

a portrait of two trees in lachine

cloud v

they stayed up all night
they were being scrutinized
every street looked the same
they were quick to judge
something was not right
the water was too close
it started to snow
they thought :: why is this place so strange?
they huddled closer
he was going to be sick
she was what dark matter was made of
it was only supposed to be a short visit