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July 31, 2010

la forêt

like the very terrible person i am, i missed a very important anniversary.

on 12 july 2005 there was LIGHT and LA FORÊT.

of all the art rock / experiment post-punk albums of all the world, xiu xiu’s la forêt caught my ear immediately in indignant repulsion when i first heard it back in ’06.  it was not comprised of ‘songs’ [especially of the verse/chorus persuasion] but ‘stories’.  i was so disturbed by SATURN i burst into angry tears – i wanted to know the bog people – burst the pox – choke on a ‘smut’ of clover – cradle the sea witch – exorcise the yellow raspberry.

i didn’t know these people, i didn’t understand it at the time, too bruised by jamie’s voice, to hear the words.  the rest would all come tumbling after – moved by abrasive beauty and brash poetry, i have yet to hear any such concept album by xiu xiu or otherwise that could even come close to the musical and lyrical uniqueness.  there are too many lines and hooks to post just one or two or eight – and even then i couldn’t do the work any justice.  this isn’t just my favourite xiu xiu album – this is my favourite ALBUM, ever.  it is indigestible.  i dare you to try.

happy 5 years, la forêt.  may you be injected into my veins.

July 30, 2010


for all those in the greater montreal area



the work is for sale but the event is FREE!

hope to see you there! [i’ll be the girl with the sequins of course]

July 30, 2010

2 <3 1 <3

And you’re standing here beside me
I love the passing of time
Never for money
Always for love

ever since i laid eyes on balenciaga’s ss10 collection i knew this summer was going to be a hot one.  i made this mess of a life inspired by the heat that permeates my skin when i see aqua/orange/white/pink.

summer 2010

[1] handful of silver sequins and nail polish i first saw on the hands of reqbat and knew had to be mine.

[2] pink and silver fluffy pencil case purchased from ardene 100000 years ago.  now holds sharpies for utmost deviance.

[3] hand printed cedric and omar of the mars volta.  made by the ever lovely i_rbg

[4] neon orange acrylic yarn for retina punching bombing.

July 25, 2010

metatron’s resistance

every time it
fell open
at the same ritual
every time she said
the words he cried
and no one saw
that’s how it is
he said
that’s the
whole problem
each time
she said

resist double test

das schraben!

industrial lullabies on industrial beaches

a stylized crying

a pulling from behind the eyes

the veil is lifted

your power is no longer

i resist


July 22, 2010

bombs not guns

Now the rain’s like gravel on old tin roof
And the Burlinton Northern’s pullin’ out of the world
With a head full of bourbon and a dream in the straw.
And a Gun Street Girl was the cause of it all.

comfort tagging, yarn bombing, grafknitti [though i’m not much of a knitter]

st viateur and st urbain

laurier and clark

fairmount and parc ave

i do this for many reasons

like rebelling against the colour grey which we are coerced into having a relationship with in this disgusting urban environment

like opening up a dialogue with my fellow citizens.  living in a closed world, the subversive act of doing something unusual in a public space creates a safe place to ask the questions ‘what are you doing?’ ‘who are you?’

this is a good thing, i tell myself

this is not like dancing alone

this is like being something realer

this is reeling from the blow of returning to the [un]fair city.

the light here is not unlike trying to photograph heat
my keyboard is still set to german because i couldn’t stop writing about einstürzende neubauten

here’s to hoping my Ys and Zs are easilz transferable and feral enough to hold their own

in effort to not turn into a sponge, i created a little [semi small] art book of 10 mixed media drawings

duet cover

duet epic

to the mewling of our qat outside, i dreamed of hugging and running to the sea.

i wonder what that feels like.

July 13, 2010

collect all one

so bury these peculiarities with me

burning new york


a 48 page zine about Bergamot and Vetiver, 2 gals with sticky fingers let loose in heatwave new york.  it is both fiction and nonfiction – 24 pages in colour!!!  [that’s why it’s a bit more $ but SO WORTH IT]

July 6, 2010

said the spider to the fly [and other massacres]

There’s no hope for me,
I’ve been set free.
There’s no breeze,
There’s no ship on my sea.

bombing season is upon us


lady sonnabend only visits us when she’s in the mood

otherwise the heat gets to our head

and we pretend

said the spider to the fly

she’s not a god but very close to one
i’me not acquainted with her well enough to distinguish her features
only that she can be mistaken for retinal floaters
dressed in black or silver
her son is called sun drunk

they who honour the false gods

those who honour the false suffer the most

scared of arachne and ariadne

how else do you plan on freeing yourselves?

‘those whose views are not strange are false

July 5, 2010

word on the street

so tenderly detached / in contrapposto stance

we came

we saw

we burned

and we took names

chelsea lights

a bergamot embrace incinerating old spice
a hollow glance

following the spiders and pianos surrounding the city

speed painting in acrylic but not that kind

ilhu does union square

word on the street is i am not a painter

earl grey ice cream for lunch

the heat is pervasive

even upon my return

every step into sunlight is a constant reminder of my life there


in B R <3 <3 K L Y N

from across

speaking in ghost hands
these monsters know what’s in store
it is lemonade
it is burning

the false herbs return

it is not the same

word on the street is we are lonely for strangers