and so it has come to pass.

many of you know, and many of you don’t know, that i was away for a few weeks.  not far enough away to be a trip, but enough to know that i was somewhere i was not from, to stay and work in a place that i did not belong.  there was a pull in my chest to return from whence i came.  wherever and whenever i was.

during this time, a very dear friend of mine had died and my client became very ill and i began to crumble under the pressure.  of what?  i am the only person who puts me in trouble.  dare i say i am my own worst enemy.

the signs were clear enough, really.

  • ‘your heart will skip a beat’ – fortune cookie
  • the morbid curiousity of the rotting starling down the street
  • new undead creature addiction
  • never knowing when the last time you will speak to someone.

i wish i knew where all these flies were coming from – besides something that’s rotting.

plunging and reveling in this has been both absurd and refreshing.  having gone through a myriad of depressions before this i knew a task was needed in order to channel the fervent energy away from pathetic vampire tears.

maybe someone remembers KALASHNIKOZY?  i know i do.  needing a project that was going to last me a day or 2, i contacted my prime mover and we’re pursuing it fully.  we’ll see how it pulls through but thankfully, my hands are no longer idle – as for satan and my mind – that is for another day.

home mix

in any case, here’s a mini mix!  a soundtrack for elated sadness, or something.  thoughts?

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