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October 14, 2010

Heart, Attack

i’ll do graffiti if you sing to me in french




‘let you heart guide you’

‘your heart will skip a beat’

or 2 or 8

when picking hi-tempo tracks, it is easy to catch too easy onto hi-hat and snare beats that honestly send my heart onto some lunatic pattern.  how do you write a song like this?

circa 2004 the scene witnessed an influx of bands pouring beats out not unlike 200mg of amphetamines.  fade out bands like maxïmo park, bloc party, franz ferdinand, and panic! at the disco.  emo didn’t have to be ‘depressing’ in the traditional sense if it leaned towards the hardcore scene.  but then again, no one really cares about emo let alone emos.

except for the theatricality the genre adopted.  when intensely confessional, it may be seen as ‘easier’ to deploy heart attacks/ heart breaks when in costume and marrying all types of strings together.  it is kind of useless to source non-traditionally rock instruments in your video unless the band actually plays them.  in the song.  i don’t even hear a HINT of accordion in this track.

i have a weakness for this song because the singer has an exceptionally wide mouth and seems to have mastered selective warbling.

the cabaret theme is delectable in that is successfully distracts the viewer away from…the actually song.  narrative but not very corresponding.  dresden dolls took the cabaret / persona thread for far too long and has not been very popular since.


for the [un]fortunately [i can never tell ‘good’ from ‘bad’ here.  i’m going with un- here because they reeeeally deserve more recognition] underground The Dead Science with their album Villainaire.  more specifically the track Make Mine Marvel here we still have high tempo, a string section, and cabaret smoke rings but for some reason i don’t feel….dirty.  while Submariner had a strictly lounge feel to it, villainaire came and conquered cross crowns and remains a work of fiction?.without staying totalitarianistically true to the upbeat confessionals, they’ve managed to slip in silky interludes [as in Holliston and The Ghost Integrity] which is almost ‘experi/mental’

essentially bizarro and warbly and all i want to do is smoke cigarettes and drink gin and oh my god sam mickens is a dead ringer for my ex boyfriend.

the only other band that has successfully thrown me out of myself is my bloody valentine.

what sort of music makes you feel less like yourself than normal?