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October 28, 2010

Blackfrost and Swimmerman in VS


when i introduced the idea of pitting Swimmerman against a new character, i have been confronted with much Swimmerman love. which is scary, if only because if he were Real, he would drag you into the ocean and cut you into tiny pieces.

how does one make something, someone, ~more evil~ than him?

a] turn to the mighty boosh


b] you cant

i thought it would be fun to create a zine around these characters, without using any text at all.  if you’ve been following my twitter at all, you might have a slight idea of what blackfrost’s specialty is.

in any case, here are the front and back covers.


i’m hoping to have it completed for EXPOZINE.  of which i will be a vendor.  on sunday.  BE THERE.