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November 29, 2010

Shoot Up



such gracious patience for my bad ways


November 4, 2010


november is always a fuck of a month.  a grey descending into frost.  a lack of colour or warmth – in our impossible climate and the citizens who are ______ enough to call this place home.  NO JUDGMENT BEING PASSED i just do not get you at all at all at all.

november :: wherein our hero dabbles in memes, combines them in order to make a list of things that she is not loathe to draw.

00 themes

01 :: me! drawing, me! blue hair not included. the real right hand is my signature style. it’s drawn in a mirror. i am left handed. you be the judge.

01 yourself

02 :: some one you ‘like’
i do indeed like my breakfast partner / fellow cat toucher. we drink coffee and young blood.

02 some one you like

03 :: a / some / all friends
i chose an absent friend. i think about them a lot. i hope they’re okay.

03 a friend

strangely enough

as i am getting pretty sick of this town, i seem to be more and more interested in the local acts.  before it was sacrilegious to live here and say you did not like the arcade fire.  now there is a chanting in my skull ONE OF US ONE OF US. but their newest release ‘the suburbs’ is pretty catchy.  good for walking to work those early saturday mornings.  a definitive soundtrack to a deserted boulevard st laurent.

valleys is a local act i wish i had $5 to spare to go and see [yes! i am indeed that broke!].  they opened for xiu xiu all those weeks ago and i’ve been haunting their myspace ever since, which is kind of useless considering i am not getting the same interrupted spiritual agreement i had initially.  this is where recordings fail in some respects.  a seance is not sonic.

one of my favourite things about the beginnings of a doomed relationship is musical sharing.  they brought a silver mount zion to my attention – quite possibly the ultimate soundtrack to an oncoming winter.  pair it with grouper’s ‘dragging a dead deer up a hill’ and the coasts collide.