[[from wiki]]


the distress or impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from the specific home environment or attachment objects


a person who moves from one place to another rather than settling permanently in one location.


One Comment to “referential”

  1. Hello Heatheroo, my name is Alex (kneecapwrench on LJ, and i can’t remember if i told you my name already). I stalked you through my fingertips to here so you’ve probably gathered that i’ve recieved your package! Thank you! It gave me much happies. I can’t crochet for shit but feel compelled to do some tame-ass yarnbombing of my own which involves NO SKILL WHATSOEVER. It’s quite the skill, being so very unskilled, i tell you. You seem so full of light and colour and interests and life and your wordpress matches this, plz to be completely ignoring my self indulgent and miserable blog. Golly gosh with sugar on top.

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