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January 11, 2012

Those Middle Aged [now they were really onto something]

so we’re in our quarter life and we’re done castigating our parents’ generation.  that is like, so 2009 [along with anything 8-bit].  passe.  yesterday’s jam is today’s jam.  shacking up with a middle-aged man has, oddly enough, expanded my already rather wide musical musings.  here’s a list of musicians and tracks that i have somehow jumped the shark, value-wise.


let’s set one thing straight.  if we’re talking about giving value where value is due – here’s one example of a band who has been grossly over-valued.  after sifting through their vast collection of repetitious albums, there is no one single stand out track, not a single solid compilation.  enough of the beatles.  they are neither cute nor talented, and most definitely not ‘ground-breaking’.  if you start your career in a swath of screaming teenage females, you don’t really get to play the unconventional card.  oh you have songs about drugs and the devil?  WOW.  rewind 20, 30 years and listen to robert johnson.  thanks.  now go and acquire your own taste in music and stop rehashing the same tripe over and over.  thanks.

2] Neil Young

now that we’ve set the record straight, we’re off with The Original Wild Man.

i’m aware that mr young dislikes the sharing of his music without recompense, but he said so himself :: ROCK AND ROLL WILL NEVER DIE.  while we’re on the topic of compensation, we might as well bring up Farm Aid [as a newly enrolled devotee of the homesteaders unlimited guild [?]].  it’s nice to know that there’s a fellow canadian who not only understands but supports my desire for ducks, my goat lust, my bee envy.
the role of the storyteller has been greatly perpetuated by neil young’s gift for song crafting.  growing up, i had always love love loved ‘cortez the killer’ [liberal artist and history buff shining through].  not to harp on the original, but built to spill’s cover and 20-minute guitar solo has really taken it to ‘the next level’.  listening to him on the local rock station – CHOM 97.7 – he was one of the first of a line of ‘oh, adults like that kind of music so i guess i should too’, without ever having really paid any real attention to them.

3] Dire Straits

in a similar vein of #2, i had only ever known dire straits for their big hits – money for nothing, sultans of swing – without exploring their technical and storytelling mastery.  scores of generations of bards are bowing.  let’s go down to the waterline.

4] Russian Classical and Modernist [Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Stravinsky…]


when i hear people say ‘i don’t like opera’, they are making a statement that is not unlike saying ‘i don’t like pop music’.  it’s a rather broad statement that comes from being narrow-minded.  operatic productions cannot, and should not, be lumped into one group, as styles and artists vary greatly from one artistic movement to another.  i’ve gone out on a limb and put sergei and igor together with pyotr and modest because on the whole, i’ve come to prefer russian composers over, say, spanish or italian.  perhaps it’s the structure, perhaps it’s the chill of perseverance.  lately i’ve been on a bit of a baroque kick, but the flow and jarring of history and story always brings me back to russia.  back to the stigma of opera, it’s popularity during the height of its composition as a form of entertainment is the modern equivalent to going to the bell centre to watch madonna shake her tits on stage.  it would make as much sense but move you just as deeply to experience it IRL, even if the viewer were absolutely clueless as to what the singers were trying to convey.  i’m not saying ‘like opera’.  just try and find the kind of pop music you like.

just don’t sell out and try to convince me the beatles were the greatest band ever.

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