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October 25, 2009

Architexture // Coralhedronlandt

variable light coloured the otherwise flat landscape.
this is coralhedronlandt,
an impossible compound
double entendre of elements
it doesn’t really matter where you go, you can’t stay here
home is when it has chosen you
there is no decay here. the worms will not eat your insides.
stroking the wrong cyan, turning back is an eyelid reversal
treason tried and failed by virtue of redun-dance.

June 18, 2009

Kreetures + Mots

A wise man once said, in regards to the existence of objects in his absence


the octobunny, the platoctopillar.  the newest, most fun additions to the evolution.  just in time for ilhu to start darwin’s THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES on audiobook [which is difficult, considering the quality of the narrator’s voice. there on the mountain, the house of oaks, caterpillars rained on me. i began to shift an octobunny into a platoctopus, platoctopillar in ~chance colour choices, and other evolutionary mi/steaks

plat shit

fuck seashore.  give me seahorse seahell.

most recently thrown throne into the arms of the evolution is freeform lyfe [worn to crose yo fase]


[picture by RETEMA]

ways to clean your environment.  what began as a guilty action in the desire to make everything i own turned [or eveolved] into me, sitting in front of @navarino crocheting a nu dishrag turned into granny triage triangles.  i was thankfully interrupted such a menial task by the realised existence of a very certain book in such close proximity to my skin.  running down st viateur with 5-minute ago unknown energy, climbing over stacks and racks and wrecks of books for OAK MOT what a queer name!
oak mot!

trembling in every limb, i called the only person i knew to think of.  i divided all my books.  remaining were now the Six [PPP] [previously the Five] [i don’t think i could every replace ~these books]

patches // kelly vivanco
dada // kenneth coutte-smith
falling // [info]reqbat
the electric kool-aid acid test // tom wolfe
oak mot // crispin hellion glover
house of leaves // mark z danielewski

beginning to begin to take levels and take it to another bevel.