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January 8, 2010

Shut Up.

i am not nice, sometimes.  i’m sorry.

Photo 424

maybe, it is better coming from me than anyone else?
no no, it is directed more to myself than any _one.  the sentence is supposed to be ‘shut up and make stuff’ but i left it open.
loopy fonts for loopy girls in normal jeans + concert tee uniforms.  the closest semblance to normal humanity i’ll allow.

ever since i’ve returned from ny it is popping up everywhere – articles for school, joseph campbell interviews, favoured bands closest appearance…..

we really are all better off in new york

here’s why

ny from ilhu on Vimeo.

until then

voodoo boy.
strike me out of a slumber.
slice it up into bite sized chunks.
the immanuel kant to my david hume.

put tentacles on things, call it a day.

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September 27, 2009


bad at being a student a lover a daughter a blogger an older woman.
sure i celebrated a birthday with the adopted fam, spent the rest of the week stressed out and agitated due to schizoaffective unaltarable behaviour.  but in retrospect i am doing slightly better than i had originally thought.

this productivity of objections and ideals are propelled by school even though i have done little to pulse myselves forward in ~knowledge.

inspired by shamanism, subversive spirituality and our nu no age leaders i broke down in tears trying to explain why this day needed to be missed / mist.  there is a smaller love inside – fuck2love

swastika love

i was caught making this in class and got off it. for cheers and feers i am not kicked yet. yet.

smaller hearts made with handspun silk covered in raw fingers lusting to hide whatver i had to offer.

shaman heart

shaman heart

trading was the nature of the exercise but i still died inside as i surrendered the smallest kiss in the world. appreciation helps but never cures.


there’s a lot more where that came from – both product and experience.



snake making. my only method of present immortality. adding the weight with marbles with rocks.

maybe my present expressions are better backwards. it always ends up that way, i don’t know if i’ll ever get the hang of perfection freeform.

i am being hurried towards coerced celebrations of things i do not believe in, do not want.

stanic rosary

how much longer can i stand this?

September 13, 2009


in almonte / mississippi valley
proved to be most inspiring and fresh for the new school year

not only were there amazingly talented artists and artisans selling foblabulous goods [really though i could have easily bought 5 items from each vendor] but there were also reall live alpacas ! and cows !

i got almost 0 sleep last night after painting with Sergeant but majah called me bright and early and we were off. we started our fibrous journey at the north lanark agricultural hall where the 4H club were judging cows? or something equally remarkable. inside the farmhouse there were tonnns of vendors doing demos and [as i suspected and hoped desperately for] a little old lady working on an epic autumn quilt BY HERSELF being 1000 years old and owesome.

i bought $20 worth of sample fabrics from perth fabrics because i couldn’t not buy them for various reasons that anyone could know

perth 2

perth 1
the blue is actually much sparklier irl

then we went over to the mississippi valley textile museum for the second half of the exhibits / demos. the museum lives in the old rosamond woolen mill and holds some impressively ancient equipment and lace samples [one having taking 2200 hours to complete ! ] i was really really glad to have found a vendor selling drop spindles and fleece and had a great chat with them. really check these ladies out they are fantastic that is art by ana and heather of ottawa valley fiber arts who were immensely helpful and generous in many ways. thanks guys!

i think i started hyperventilating at this point and i really couldn’t wait to get home and get spinning! so that’s what we did which led to this

trapezoid mouth
turquoise hexagon sun eyes with lavender trapezoid mouth and boards of canada coloured freshly spun yarn

it is 858 and i am exhausted but so energised to spin ! learning new techniques is my #1 thrill in life. it feels really good to be pumped about fibres again because this week i just felt so jaded and unenthusiastic to be back at school. vendors asked me what i was studying in mtl and they ALL open mouth gasped when i say fibres. which is most worthy of open mouthed gasps due to its strange and small nature. i also completely forgot that it was my goal to spin milkweed silk this fall – so now i have fleece enough to give me the time to get the hang of spinning before i go uber experimental on myself.

here are some animule photos to keep you going keep you going good

alpaca power cowabunga


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