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August 14, 2009

Midnight Bicycle Mystery

EGG.  hardboiled.  Cado’s pimp.
[AVO]CADO.  overripe prostitute.  does not appear onstage but whose voice is heard from the apartment.
THE CLIENT.  does not appear on stage, but is with Cado in the apartment.
CHORUS.  consists of 4 females / prostitutes?.  speak / sing in unison.

[midnight.  an alley next to an
apartment high rise in a meatpacking district.
the light is a diffused blue imitating moonlight.
the chorus is mingling onstage, laughing.
a bicycle is leaning up against the wall on center left stage.
the words JESUS LOVES ME TOO are graffitied.
the present.]
enter egg

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August 10, 2009

Plunder Picking Poppies

outside he licks a
beet stew – art you ta before
we only come out at night!

July 22, 2009

The Lemon and The Egg


and the mystic wonder that are SHIPS and shiphouses.
that is all.

looks like august is almost here again, already

in this hippie crypt

at this time of day – Lemon having her mornafternoon coffee on the porch
facing the street
3 school buses drop off Mayonnaise children

Egg walks, shell naked, into the day
Exposed like all styrofoam souls
Like lives controlled by cotton

Little Egg
giving Lemon blisters
a stranger soulmate guided by false feelings of reincarnation
Little Egg Head
licked by sandpaper qat tongues

‘only it was francis picabia’s poetry that got me throught a spring of illness,’ said Lemon.
‘and 10 000 nosebleeds.’ Egg’s memory was minutely dissecting the moments of frantic speechless phone calls.
‘in bed.  on the bus.  all around you.’

the mysteriousest subject is always green
and oozing coolness
‘i would eat slime,’ said Lemon. ‘if it was Lime Slime.’
‘you can’t find that shit on the radio anymore.’ sneered Egg.  ‘BULLSHIT, that’s what.’
‘pipe down one or two or eight.’
‘you fill me with contempt.’
‘nonsense! you are filled with WHITE and YELLOW.’
‘nonsense is the fourth dimension of literature.’
Lemon gets up – throws her mug at the street below.  the pieces shattering at the feet of the Mayonnaise.

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June 25, 2009


Coming into awakening – sleep in the enemy of the people.

People who don’t exist – calling beyond context into distraction.  These are the Imaginary.

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