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July 25, 2010

metatron’s resistance

every time it
fell open
at the same ritual
every time she said
the words he cried
and no one saw
that’s how it is
he said
that’s the
whole problem
each time
she said

resist double test

das schraben!

industrial lullabies on industrial beaches

a stylized crying

a pulling from behind the eyes

the veil is lifted

your power is no longer

i resist


May 23, 2009


Be a part of the International ILHU Flag project!

As it began in early 2008 as ‘pieces of resistance, flags for a vengeance’, i, a heather utah, posted hand printed and assembled raw flags in spaces inbetween – places of transit, empty lots, fences, posts, medians, and any place that seemed forgotten and unloved.

13 --- pullman

I went on and beyond the classroom and kept posting flags in and around Montreal. I even sent some by mail to international friends to spread a love virus around the world.

14 --- pullman

[photo by RETEMA, in iceland]

the designs are constantly changing, as does my love of my selves and your selves.

if you are interested in being a part of this project, let me know! packages of 5 flags, attachments, and guidelines are currently $20.00CAN+s&h
contact me for more details. i look forward to collaborating with you.