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July 5, 2010

word on the street

so tenderly detached / in contrapposto stance

we came

we saw

we burned

and we took names

chelsea lights

a bergamot embrace incinerating old spice
a hollow glance

following the spiders and pianos surrounding the city

speed painting in acrylic but not that kind

ilhu does union square

word on the street is i am not a painter

earl grey ice cream for lunch

the heat is pervasive

even upon my return

every step into sunlight is a constant reminder of my life there


in B R <3 <3 K L Y N

from across

speaking in ghost hands
these monsters know what’s in store
it is lemonade
it is burning

the false herbs return

it is not the same

word on the street is we are lonely for strangers

December 1, 2009

from vandals to evangels

congratulations, all, we’ve made it through november






September 2, 2009

Slogtra // Itinerance

bind maxing waxing moons over mont royal

i knew the headache was just a humid pressure thing
wake up and smell the astronaut

make your own orange juices
i want to make genres as you make flavours [water crystals?  just add water!]

‘the first time i got AIDS…no wait that was…chicken pox?’
my scars still itch most ferociously when dowsed in boiling water

krakatoa is not a kraken

maybe that’s just because i’m an oinoin / showering ninja


anyone who knows me knows i moved haus [and industries] on the weekend.  luckily it wasn’t very far [5 whole blocks!] but the ordeal remained rainy.

as much of a fan of nomadism i am, there is still a pull towards permanence – a real haus is desired – one that is mine and maybe also another’s?  at this stage in my life and practice it is impossible, but a girl’s got vision.

in any case

here is my east facing wall


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August 23, 2009

300 // The End of 903

sitting in the kitchen wishing i was living like a hitman

by transmitting odd energies, it seems inevitable to receive some in the end
it is easy to fall down the rabbit holes of other people’s lives
but my 1952 pulls through
i endanger us but am dangerous
these are exactly the kinds of things we should be avoiding


the heat gets to my brain
i question my existence time and time again
revealing weakness after weakness
illuminati galorio

i am dying to be picked apart
drowned out and over and out
several circumstances beyond control

i miss human hair

steak involved

903 is dead!  murdered!
our last night together + music to earbleed to on




i do this every night, with your son\\

it is cjlo

everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
it is always summer, to me

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