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February 28, 2011

i could tell you about the river or we could just get in




a text-based group show presented by art matters and les territoires

anxious about tomorrow’s installation, putting the finishing touches on my HIVE MIND piece.  i’ll also be showing my massive crocheted panel and TO THE FUCKING BONE.


opening is thursday!  be there!

Les Territoires
Belgo, suite 527
372 Sainte-Catherine street West
Montreal (Quebec)

December 8, 2010

Holograph Season

now more than ever do some believe they hold the mighty power to simply WALK through another.  discuss?


the semester is over and i’ve more or less hidden that edge of the creative process from you [you!].  instead of talking about about my [questionable] creations

let’s do something different for the next little while.

many of you may know i work in an art gallery – paralleling finishing my art degree, i am confronted with quite a variety of work – from the innovative to the mediocre to the kind that force me to leave the room before i make that wonderful choking-on-a-chip sound i love making.

i was once told to look long at what pleases me, and longer at what displeases me, but let’s face it.  life is too short to be looking at bad art.  while in most academic critiques it is difficult to extract a genuine opinion out of an audience, i do not have this problem and prominently boast my Virgan ability to be a critical and judgemental curmudgeon.  let’s not go there, shall we?  just…uh…bear with me because i’m exhausted, sick, and didn’t take any notes for this piece.  winging it is the name of the game.

art populaire // jean-francois labelle

a semi-regular at usine 106u, i was first struck by this style in the october show ‘luxation’, and this piece [now on display at 160 Roy E] is a continuation in local universals.

the play on the term ‘popular’ is something i will explore in a bit but first can we talk about this background? living in montreal there is a universal familiarity in the anonymity – this could very well BE anywhere in the city [though i’m getting a georges-vanier metro or ville st pierre vibe from it].  the cracked dirt and demi-ghettoness of these places are built for Romantic flourishing [there is sincerity there, let’s keep it that way].  singular universality? i think so.

popular art is not just a mid 20th century movement anywhere because van gogh’s irises are easily recognizable – you can now get it in coaster form, or printed on mug or stitched onto lapels.  so, what’s it doing on the corner of anywhere street, montreal?


here’s the google street view of the ‘real’ boni soir [behold, the power of late 2010].  apparently its near honore-beaugrand [excuse my irrelevant geographical estimations]

enjoy the rendering

[you’re welcome]

November 4, 2010


november is always a fuck of a month.  a grey descending into frost.  a lack of colour or warmth – in our impossible climate and the citizens who are ______ enough to call this place home.  NO JUDGMENT BEING PASSED i just do not get you at all at all at all.

november :: wherein our hero dabbles in memes, combines them in order to make a list of things that she is not loathe to draw.

00 themes

01 :: me! drawing, me! blue hair not included. the real right hand is my signature style. it’s drawn in a mirror. i am left handed. you be the judge.

01 yourself

02 :: some one you ‘like’
i do indeed like my breakfast partner / fellow cat toucher. we drink coffee and young blood.

02 some one you like

03 :: a / some / all friends
i chose an absent friend. i think about them a lot. i hope they’re okay.

03 a friend

strangely enough

as i am getting pretty sick of this town, i seem to be more and more interested in the local acts.  before it was sacrilegious to live here and say you did not like the arcade fire.  now there is a chanting in my skull ONE OF US ONE OF US. but their newest release ‘the suburbs’ is pretty catchy.  good for walking to work those early saturday mornings.  a definitive soundtrack to a deserted boulevard st laurent.

valleys is a local act i wish i had $5 to spare to go and see [yes! i am indeed that broke!].  they opened for xiu xiu all those weeks ago and i’ve been haunting their myspace ever since, which is kind of useless considering i am not getting the same interrupted spiritual agreement i had initially.  this is where recordings fail in some respects.  a seance is not sonic.

one of my favourite things about the beginnings of a doomed relationship is musical sharing.  they brought a silver mount zion to my attention – quite possibly the ultimate soundtrack to an oncoming winter.  pair it with grouper’s ‘dragging a dead deer up a hill’ and the coasts collide.




June 4, 2010

Brian Stonedstown Massacred

i don’t even like cinnamon gum, but i took it anyway

for the long trip to dehydration

40 year old [ex?] junkies strolling on stage

the apotheosis of a thousands times before

the machine of cool is a grimace and a nod

all the classics of a dying breed

even if you can’t really mosh to ‘who?’

leave to this asshole city to try

straight up and down ROCK AND OR ROLL

dear matt hollywood

i’m sorry i called you a wiener in 2005