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May 2, 2010

Hexahedron Tutorial

this is a tutorial post !
i don’t know anything about real origami so i’ve made up my own terms for folds and actions. ~sorry~



1] prepare yourself

you will need 3 piece of square paper. i’ve used 3 different colours to help distinguish one piece from the other. you can keep some tape handy to reinforce the top vertex while you work on the other if you want, too.


2] modules

each module is folded exactly the same. start off with an M shape, folding each sheet in half, then the quarters down towards the fold. do this for all 3.


3] triangularize

starting on the right edge of the strip, fold the corner in.


take the left hand strip and fold it parallel to the triangle you just folded.


fold the strip back onto itself, and again, each triangle is made by folding the remaining paper back onto itself.


you should then have folded a square shape out of the strip. do this for all 3 sheets.


4] pockets

take a sheet and look inside the top fold – this is the pocket. note the fold lines.



5] create your first vertex.

taking another strip, insert the end of the strip into the pocket according to corresponding fold lines. they should fit together quite nicely and make an L shape.


insert the end of your first strip into the pocket of the third strip.


insert the end of the third strip into the pocket of the second.


this is where i cheat and use a bit if tape on the inside of the vertex to reinforce and keep the sheets in place while i make the next vertex.

6] vertices fall into place

this is where things get a bit tricky, and i wish i had 3 hands. take a strip and fold in back onto itself the create the opposite vertex. here, i’m taking the blue one and inserting it into the back pocket of the pink strip. remember – you want all the fold lines to be distinct and crisp – they should all be aligned and fitting into each other. if you’re not sure you’re putting the right strip into the right pocket, try it with another pocket.


essentially, the same process of step 5 is being made only its a bit tighter and backwards. each strip wraps the other together and keeps itself in place.


the blue end is inserted into the pink pocket, the pink into the green, and the green into the blue. your hexahedron is beginning to take shape!


i fold the last corner down for easier insertion.


7] behold!


your very own hexahedron! after the last insertion you can work the edges a bit to make them crisper. mine here is a bit wobbly but essentially there are 6 sides and 5 vertices.

February 11, 2010

Hedronized Heathen

somewhere between structure and mark making is where i am sitting.

not quite something, but definitely not nothing, i’ve made my place. meditating on helminthophobia and geometry, i have found many different ways of researching the relationships of these ideas and methods in a way that is my own. for me, by me.

imstallation view

i know repetition. i know repetition. i know bravery, repetition and noise [anyone?].

this process of shuttling back and forth between the shape of the structure and the drawings inspired by the shapes formed by uncontrollable folding, pleating, and swearing was the most integral to the beginning of a creation of a real evolution. while i’m not quite there yet, and i’m still meddling with the definition of ‘artist’, this might be the closest i’ve come to it thus far. come to think of it, i say that a lot, so its definitely a process.

from the top

it all started with the introduction of modular origami to my life. i had never been interested in origami before, as the folding of insipid creatures out of paper never really appealed to me in a passionate way [not like the way crochet had / has]. but modular origami requires the intense repetition of folding the same shape – and that is something i fully know, understand, and appreciate from a structural / fibres background [knitting and crochet is ALL the repetition of the [almost] exact same action]. its the creation of small same units in order to create something larger – it is more than the sum of its parts.

tube with a view

well i certainly bit off more than i could chew making this disastrous tube. i wanted to create a worm / tube / monster, and that is exactly what happened. attaching each element to make a compound, then attaching compounds to compounds, my beast exploded into an extremely frustrating piece that i was not inspired at all to finish – also happens to be everyone’s favourite piece! of course. what a pain though – and the people sad when i took it apart at the end of the day, all i could think of was KILL IT KILL IT WITH FIRE [and not in the fun way]. i could not, cannot deal with the idea of it sitting in a corner of my studio, mocking me with its inherently evil intention [trying to externalize the worms, get them out, exorcize!]. its still in my bag. i cant even look at it right now.

hatful of hedra
[taken earlier this morning – its a hatful of hedra!]

these however, were an absolute BLAST to make. straight up and down hedra, it was a structure i could understand and track the evolution of my folding and insertion skills. i adapted the traditional PHiZZ style of folding into something i lovingly call ILhU style. 3 modules, 1 hexahedron. thats a structure i can get behind. can you believe these were inspired by lady gaga?

in working with and adapting these shapes [mainly the equilateral triangle and hexagon] i created these drawings!



these were really fun to make because i got to combine my love of patterning and narrative into one technique [more or less]. telling the incredibly personal story of my dreams was not meant to be interpreted by anyone other than me because only i am the one who knows, feels, and fears the worms. i was striving for movement with every line i made but recursively drew myself into static. a paper is a paper and is restrictive. but in defense of my size choices – i think no matter the size of the paper, if it were a mural or a pocket notebook, i would use it in such a way that would restrict the viewer. if it were the size of the tate modern, i would still fill the space till i were stuck inside it – and i would take you down with me.


in any case, i still feel like my drawings and installations exist more honestly as photographs. its a matter of the virgan need for control. there’s a lot more lightplay and impossible worldviews through the manipulated lens. these things are important to me. and you’re important to me.

new news is old news.

next up?  i’m going to try and write a paper about the role of diabolical / mystical symbolism in printmaking [i’m still sourcing it out to see if its plausible – backup idea is a study of william blake and zine making]

power costumes [going to have to pull a miracle to make this work =/ ]

landscapes for a helminthophobe [i have full reign on this project and i am feeling really confident about]
here are the bases i’m working on [sans embellishment – i’ll write more about this on tuesday most likely]

silver landscape helminthiphobic pseudorayograph collide

flats full screen

wow that last one looks COMPLETELY different now than it does when i took that picture.  lots of couching and applique.  featuring :: fingernails!  my [least] favourite human by product – lovingly dubbed ‘human ivory’ by someone on etsy somewhere.  oh and the print is upside down.

and as treat for you, having suffered through this ridiculously long and process riddled entry, here’s a hot picture of me!  and by hot i mean ‘wow its really hot under this wig’


and one last thing for all the former ghosties out there – freddy ruppert has released his RARE TRAX + DEMOS !  i recommend downloading it – i cannot stop listening to / obsessing over the talking heads cover.  it sounds nothing like the original!  brilliant!