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May 9, 2010


mighty cold day at the industries – a snowy mother’s sunday.

trying to forget that i actually do have to go outside today with

  • arthur nersesian’s ‘manhattan loverboy’ [which i am enjoying as much as dogrun or unlubricated but i’ll take it
  • sewing an apron to hold my pens and tools at work
  • apron


  • brought the pots in due to potential frost and LOOKIE HERE ! i cant remember what i planted but YAY !!

i cant remember what i planted in here

  • hookin’.  lots of triangles, thousands of them!


February 20, 2010


Growing up in the lower laurentians in the 90s with an older brother, I was pretty well left to my own devices when it came to entertainment.  Yea, we had a tv, but this was pre-satellite and our town didn’t carry cable.  No one in my family was interested in video games, either, so it was the forest for us all.

Needless to say i had a pretty wild imagination.  powered by top 40 playlists on my clock radio, i would spend hours upon hours creating characters named after fonts and dressed up in the most outrageous outfits my mother would buy at church bazaars [took me forever to spell that right].  oh and the JEWELERY – the most fabulous gaudy stuff you’ve ever seen.  for every real life friend i was without, i would imagine 5 in their place.  yes, i was THAT child.  i was amazing, be jealous.

Fast forward 15 years, and i’m still listening to Dance Mix 96 [i’ve had a penchant for bad music since a very young age] [disco?! really?! really] and dividing my selves into smaller quantities, until i can grasp each character and quote, only to multiply once more.  it’s a very complex process of personae – but i’ve been doing this for years so i think i know what i’m doing.

You may or may not know me, but you probably have heard me refer to myself as ‘heather utah’ or ‘ilhu’ or something.  i was not born these people – but i did make them!  with a little help from my friends karen o, lady gaga, vince noir, alan vega, david bowie, and freddy mercury, i have finally established the ULTIMATE heather utah.

smell of wet cigarette

heather utah shit yea!!!!!!!

as long as you still run

we muthafuckin know how to.  i call this series of  SPs ‘SHIT YEA’, because i’m feelin it, y0.

have some brutal macros.

stuck pig

shit yea face

pro profile

stranger, softer.  the middle one looks like someone knocked my teeth out.  FABULOUS!

ILHU and caralee roman suits not shown [as they are not formally resolved yet].

now that ‘spring’ ‘break’ is here, its time to do some more ‘serious’ fiddling with audacity and my old school casio.  as much as heather j_ is inspired by music, i think heather utah is a noisician.

in other news :: i read my tarot last night – and my FAVOURITE card, the chariot, turned up again.  everything is going to be ok!

for those of you who don’t know – i recently lost someone very close to me and my biological family – but they are in a better place now, so i’m not too distraught.  i’m just very sad that they are not around anymore, they were a tremendously strong individual who will be dearly miss.  RIP my dear geraldine!

February 8, 2010


i’m at the state where almost everything is in process, and not anywhere close to being finished.

which means it must be the perfect time to change my entire style, right?


reqbat and i have joined forces against twee.  now, if any of my viewer[s] are twee, or have a fondness for it, close your ears and cover your eyes.

you see, we’ve gone goth.  or something.  if its dead, so what? FUCK YEA GOTHS is my new favourite thing on the internet, but i guess my admitting to want to be goth of very un-gothy of me. but! i’m also really digging the decora style of fruits, so technically, maybe, i’m still the same person?

so meta.

Photo 443Photo 448

but the cuteness, it isnt doing anything for me anymore.  give me fad gadget, the horrors, suicide, cabaret voltaire, spider and the flies – anything but candy dream wonders.  even though i’m already a size 9/10, i’m dying for a pair of high buckled winklepickers and a classy wig.

i spent the night watching THE CROW and folding PHiZZ modules, and wound up folding this little bad boy ::

every single hedra only like this

please note that this is 2 sides of the same tetrahedron hexahedron.  this is a big breakthrough in my renegade, heavily lady gaga inspired project[s].

regarding the backlash surrounding xiu xiu’s video for ‘dear god, i hate myself’ i have one thing to say ::

'dear god, i hate myself' is art.  if you can't handle it : GTFO.

wikipedia defines art as :: the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.

just because something appeals to the negative aspect of our psyches, does not mean it is not art.  know thyself, and know when you’re in over your head, trying to explain to a gossip blog the meaning of ‘aesthetics’.

lesson learned – and xiu xiu will go on with their fabulously bad selves, no matter what.

thank god for that.

January 19, 2010


never in all my life would i ever dare call myself a fashionable person – but i must admit, i really love clothes.  not very good at designing – i rarely pin or measure anything, ever – but styling is loads of fun.  i’m also pretty deft with a needle and thread and have access to printing materials, so i’ve been customizing my wardrobe for quite a few years now.

my favourite theme is CMYK but what with these depression like symptoms, i’ve been leaning towards the black and white combos lately.  and now i’ve been spicing it up with some silver lamé, just to honour the summer selves.

silver lame is love hitcher detail

silver leggings – boutique mystique in soho
hitcher shirt – white cotton appliqué on vintage black tshirt

^can you tell i spent the entire weekend watching back episodes of the mighty boosh?^

also – i recently bought a pair of PANTS.  denim, to be specific.  its been a good 2 years since ive owned a proper pair of pants.  my early 20s are definitely being ruled by the skirt + shirt combo, or to make things really easy, a sassy dress, straight up and down.

but check THIS out


thsirt – zellers, men’s section [owesome pack of 3 vnecks], self silkscreened syringe – image adapted from a piece by reqbat
jeans – winner [mavi, i think]
socks – organic cotton work socks [best for shitty mtl eternal winters]

anyway this post is kind of useless and decadent so here’s a little weekend inspiration from ‘future sailors’


anyone else out there whose favourite colour is S I L V E R ?

also :: is this going too far?
is this going too far?

September 8, 2009


yea you really gotta go to school

combined with

and man i am feeling the not so excited for schools

‘she acts like a slut but she’s really a freezer’

oh heather

just some proof that YES sometimes i can be pretty. if no one’s looking and the light isn’t hitting my face you can see my turquoise hexagonal sun eyes.


a wee basket necklace made of gymp / gimp, yarn, thread, and vintage necklaces. dig. the basket came from a sampler i made my first year structures class [was it really that long ago already? yes it was. stop asking.]


made the chain sometime at my dad’s house the beginning of summer. i saw quite a few people wearing the crochet chain thing so i tucked it away until it goes out of style. its quite swinging still [blergh] but i wore it out to jordan catalano’s party and got many compliments on it, as well as my bones. boo. tshirt is heavily altered smashing pumpkins ZERO. for some reason all the tshirts at labyrinthe are xxxxl and they seem to be ok with that. i bought it anyway cos i was 18 and heavily in the ‘pumpkins and anything billy corgan really. it sat around my closet for almost 4 years till i cut it up and sewed it back together into this ridiculously nonfunctional tshirt dress.

i have been thinking quite a bit about the freight industry lately [wait arent i always?] and have yet to think of a way to improve upon it. along with the banking system, we need more quiet revolutions.

i read this article on the lac bloom project and i think its is rather funny, and strangely unsurprising. the textile manufacturing industry here in quebec has all but collapsed completely what with the cheap labour available overseas – china specifically – and now our mines are being opened to fuel more work outside of our area. the ore is being mined mainly for the manufacturing of cars [which makes me even queasier – i would have like our ore to have built the bixis instead of the job sold to rio tinto alcan [australian, i believe] but i think the city of montreal had a choice in the supplier. in any case, 250 jobs are opened up so its better than nothing. as stranger this ~recession gets the more i realise how much trade is really being dealt between international corporations. nothing, if anything, that is made here stays here.
is this the looks of an evolution? no, i’m projecting again and it’s always been this way.

thumbs to the bumbs

thumbs up. waaaay up.

June 23, 2009



a scrumble in progress.  it is the most bizarre garment that i could dream of wearing in public.

let there be freeform.  let this girl wear it backwards if need be.  every colour imagined lets her hide in plain sight.

just….don’t feed the animals.

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June 16, 2009

Kalashnicozy Boner Corner


context out of cozy

cuddle with your guns, keep your tools close and closer

make your next pillow fight a lesson in evolution in coze

twin machetes

rest against these twin machetes, they take the pain away

[[[[[[machine embroidery on recuperated cloth – looks to be a batiste on kalashnikozy and a twill on twin machetes]]]]]]]

for heaven’s sake, come back to bed.

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May 23, 2009


funny / not funny
broke.  but must remain fashionable.
wield needles with bravado and break out HELLO DOLLY and make / alter old clothes for spring 09!

april inspirations

ambient neofolk goth music
boxing and baseball
knit from the top down tunics

march break dress :: one baby blanket = one dress

the dress

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