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February 26, 2011

ode to street hassle

‘like post-apocalyptic ash falling softly from the night sky’

bless you, olly.  bless you, lou reed.




January 10, 2011

Accordion Solo

it really is no secret that accordion music makes me feel a great many gooey things inside.  here are some recent favourites,

October 14, 2010

Heart, Attack

i’ll do graffiti if you sing to me in french




‘let you heart guide you’

‘your heart will skip a beat’

or 2 or 8

when picking hi-tempo tracks, it is easy to catch too easy onto hi-hat and snare beats that honestly send my heart onto some lunatic pattern.  how do you write a song like this?

circa 2004 the scene witnessed an influx of bands pouring beats out not unlike 200mg of amphetamines.  fade out bands like maxïmo park, bloc party, franz ferdinand, and panic! at the disco.  emo didn’t have to be ‘depressing’ in the traditional sense if it leaned towards the hardcore scene.  but then again, no one really cares about emo let alone emos.

except for the theatricality the genre adopted.  when intensely confessional, it may be seen as ‘easier’ to deploy heart attacks/ heart breaks when in costume and marrying all types of strings together.  it is kind of useless to source non-traditionally rock instruments in your video unless the band actually plays them.  in the song.  i don’t even hear a HINT of accordion in this track.

i have a weakness for this song because the singer has an exceptionally wide mouth and seems to have mastered selective warbling.

the cabaret theme is delectable in that is successfully distracts the viewer away from…the actually song.  narrative but not very corresponding.  dresden dolls took the cabaret / persona thread for far too long and has not been very popular since.


for the [un]fortunately [i can never tell ‘good’ from ‘bad’ here.  i’m going with un- here because they reeeeally deserve more recognition] underground The Dead Science with their album Villainaire.  more specifically the track Make Mine Marvel here we still have high tempo, a string section, and cabaret smoke rings but for some reason i don’t feel….dirty.  while Submariner had a strictly lounge feel to it, villainaire came and conquered cross crowns and remains a work of fiction?.without staying totalitarianistically true to the upbeat confessionals, they’ve managed to slip in silky interludes [as in Holliston and The Ghost Integrity] which is almost ‘experi/mental’

essentially bizarro and warbly and all i want to do is smoke cigarettes and drink gin and oh my god sam mickens is a dead ringer for my ex boyfriend.

the only other band that has successfully thrown me out of myself is my bloody valentine.

what sort of music makes you feel less like yourself than normal?

August 18, 2010


and so it has come to pass.

many of you know, and many of you don’t know, that i was away for a few weeks.  not far enough away to be a trip, but enough to know that i was somewhere i was not from, to stay and work in a place that i did not belong.  there was a pull in my chest to return from whence i came.  wherever and whenever i was.

during this time, a very dear friend of mine had died and my client became very ill and i began to crumble under the pressure.  of what?  i am the only person who puts me in trouble.  dare i say i am my own worst enemy.

the signs were clear enough, really.

  • ‘your heart will skip a beat’ – fortune cookie
  • the morbid curiousity of the rotting starling down the street
  • new undead creature addiction
  • never knowing when the last time you will speak to someone.

i wish i knew where all these flies were coming from – besides something that’s rotting.

plunging and reveling in this has been both absurd and refreshing.  having gone through a myriad of depressions before this i knew a task was needed in order to channel the fervent energy away from pathetic vampire tears.

maybe someone remembers KALASHNIKOZY?  i know i do.  needing a project that was going to last me a day or 2, i contacted my prime mover and we’re pursuing it fully.  we’ll see how it pulls through but thankfully, my hands are no longer idle – as for satan and my mind – that is for another day.

home mix

in any case, here’s a mini mix!  a soundtrack for elated sadness, or something.  thoughts?

June 4, 2010

Brian Stonedstown Massacred

i don’t even like cinnamon gum, but i took it anyway

for the long trip to dehydration

40 year old [ex?] junkies strolling on stage

the apotheosis of a thousands times before

the machine of cool is a grimace and a nod

all the classics of a dying breed

even if you can’t really mosh to ‘who?’

leave to this asshole city to try

straight up and down ROCK AND OR ROLL

dear matt hollywood

i’m sorry i called you a wiener in 2005

May 18, 2010

18 May 1980

30 years ago he died and yet has thankfully never disappeared entirely.
he was 23.

Someday J.S.
When you tell me everything
It will make me want to take it too far
And when you ask me everything
I will take it too far
The twenty-hundred private loops making up my
Ian Curtis, I can’t believe I said it, wishlist
Via heave and via gasp
Will seem like and will actually be
Just wicked stupid pride
Oh, what will happen
Oh, what will happen
Will you ever bleep out
Do you love me Jamie Stewart?
J.S., I am kidding

I’m just kidding

ian curtis wishlist // xiu xiu
March 9, 2010


working best spontaneously, i made this soon after learning that the aesthetic for ‘unknown pleasures’ was actually based off the magnetic field of radio pulsar CP1919.

cp1919 inspired

while it is not an exact replica of the pattern, you get the idea.


this is another sort of exploration of immediate imagery and colour. ive been thinking about animation for a while but the whole thing seems so overwhelming that i just keep tooling around with backgrounds for stop motion instead of troubleshooting real technical blocks like lighting and editing and an actual original score.

i will keep up the embroidery front.  its soothing, fast, and enjoyable.  i’m genuinely impressed with the speed in which i can produce embroidery.  just thinking back technically, i never would have been able to press out 3 samples and 2 pieces in a week – not on my life.  its one of those things where i never really tested my abilities in speed and variation.  at least now i feel confident in having found this, and to now be able to expand on this even further.

going back to me previous post of over 2 weeks ago, i’ve taken heather utah to the tagging fields.  where we stood and took photos of each other in the cold sun.  here, we stood in fields like every other twee fuck on the face of this god forsaken earth and were like soooo inspiring.  so much so, we had to go back to the Industries and photoshop this beyond shitty composite.

some more standing

to be quite honest i prefer remaining atonal, accdntl. but what do *i* know.


going back to the anarchist garden, i saw that most of the tags [ok all of them, essentially] have survived the winter! any cotton yarn i used lost most of its colour, fading to an unattractive brown. good old acrylic is still going strong after almost 6 months of rain, snow, and sun.

and this guy is still blowing in the wind! you go!


seeing the tenacity and staying power while still being manipulatable [word?] really amazes me, and has crystallized my decision to not gallery myself. this year end show will hopefully be my last. because 5 weeks of work and 1 week of show vs 1 week of work and 6+ months of show kind of speaks for itself. all solo shows all the time? HELLO.

in thread news, i recently received my pair of CHRISTIAN JOY stockings.

christian joy

and speaking of etsy [saving the plug for last]



syringe 1

not your average tshirt, this is THE syringe shirt. as seen on ilhu herself, this blastacular design is now available in all sizes.

or would you prefer to dork it out? then metatron’s polyhedra is for YOU.

metatron 1

AND DONT FORGET THE OCTOBUNNYZ!!!!!!!!  custom orders not only available but also desired.

penelope pelagic apis maureen 1 caligula 4 [i am] curious electra rgb

razzi shipmanship

feel free to buy as much owesomeness as you desire.  know that i will forever think you groovy, if these kinds of things are important to you.

because these things are important to me, and youre important to me.

December 25, 2009

Seasoned Gratings

Seasoned Gratings

from all of here at the industries, we would like to wish you, my dear reader, my eternal friends and lovers of the evolution, a most seasoned gratings.

be they juniper, jasmine, bergamot, cinnamon, heather, rosemary, or thyme – let them be the spiciest and sweetest times of our lives.

this year, this summer of 903 and supposed suaveness – full of hope and failure, and peppered with sighs of success, i certainly could not have done it without you.  a very large and sincere thanks to all those who shared beluga with me, and HI to all those new visitors to my corner of the internet.

in other news, i haven’t been working on any projects to show, other than 8 million octobunnies and crustmas gifts for the fam [including a corn on the cob pencil case, a knit hat, waterbottle socks, a necklace, a brooch, and some drawings]

all of which must be finished up and wrapped – and soon enough i’ll be on the road to new york city!  i’ll most likely post a few quick photos from the hotel, so keep your eyes as peeled as tangerines.

keep it glossy glossolalia, lovers.
ilhu of the industries.

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December 5, 2009

Tetra Gramma Ton

Glossolalia coats my skin / Glycerin and the turbulence / Stuffed the voice inside of God / Mirrors to the animals / slamina eht ot srorriM

tetragrammaton // the mars volta

November 21, 2009

Bummer Mix


this is a post for all of my readers [should they exist – i get the impression i am writing into the internet void but that is irrelevant]


should you care to participate, please name your FAVOURITE SADDEST SONG
i am compiling the ultimate bummer mix, to help me through this seemingly unending </3

1 2 3 GO!!!
[now don’t all 1 of you be tripping over yourselves…]