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June 24, 2010


i WILL take it TOO FAR

only i think i’m funny

musov shoko

musov shoko strikes again!


i’m pretty sure i’m going to be spending the rest of my living life alone because i have yet to meet someone who gets why i like this.  not enjoy the music itself [i KNOW, ok?], but to enjoy me when i’m IN IT – for the pure, positive energy i cannot help but emit as i karaoke the shit out of the nearest pair of scissors.

behold, every reason why i will eternally danse alone.

April 9, 2010

helminthophobic landscapes and rgb nightmares [for s]

helminthophobic landscapes and rgb nightmares [for s]

and, this marks the end of ilhu’s rgb period.  for now.

helminthophobic landscapes and rgb nightmares [for s]

helminthophobic landscapes and rgb nightmares [for s]

helminthophobic landscapes and rgb nightmares [for s]

helminthophobic landscapes and rgb nightmares [for s]

parallel to this i had been working on an absurd stop motion animation.

have a rough cut.

i thought i would have more to say about all this but i’m still reeling from the xtensive intensive actions that these required.  today is a lovingly quiet day wherein i will get to READ, journal, clear some space on my hdrive, organize my shelves, etc.

neglecting my real life state, i feel like i’m ready to reassume myself.  also, i have found a direct correlation between sitting at the computer, my caffeine intake, and the pain in my jaw and spine.

utah, out.

January 9, 2010

Musov Shoko.

the whole point of this blog was to have a place to post my own work, but i’m shattering the rules just this once for a shred of bizarre [the whole deification of something ive never seen or heard before]

just the background music is enough to drive me batty.
oh how i wish I had been the one to make this.

[musov shoko]

at first i was repulsed, driven
and then i was driven to hysterics – slaughtered by laughter
i’ll never know why but i am so glad it is

carry on.

January 8, 2010

Shut Up.

i am not nice, sometimes.  i’m sorry.

Photo 424

maybe, it is better coming from me than anyone else?
no no, it is directed more to myself than any _one.  the sentence is supposed to be ‘shut up and make stuff’ but i left it open.
loopy fonts for loopy girls in normal jeans + concert tee uniforms.  the closest semblance to normal humanity i’ll allow.

ever since i’ve returned from ny it is popping up everywhere – articles for school, joseph campbell interviews, favoured bands closest appearance…..

we really are all better off in new york

here’s why

ny from ilhu on Vimeo.

until then

voodoo boy.
strike me out of a slumber.
slice it up into bite sized chunks.
the immanuel kant to my david hume.

put tentacles on things, call it a day.

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