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October 2, 2010

International Xiu Xiu Day

we three xuis!

someone will kiss you
when the time is the most wrong
it will never end

-jamie stewart [IIOII]

some allotted time ago, mostly months i ordered the jamie stewart zine of haikus
i almost forgot about it until today, when i opened up the fun mail box and behold!

just in the nic of time

i think this is going to be the 5th time i’ll be seeing xiu xiu in 4 years.
is that too much?  is 24 too old to be a die hard deihard xui? a die hard anything?

what am i supposed to do with this?

July 31, 2010

la forêt

like the very terrible person i am, i missed a very important anniversary.

on 12 july 2005 there was LIGHT and LA FORÊT.

of all the art rock / experiment post-punk albums of all the world, xiu xiu’s la forêt caught my ear immediately in indignant repulsion when i first heard it back in ’06.  it was not comprised of ‘songs’ [especially of the verse/chorus persuasion] but ‘stories’.  i was so disturbed by SATURN i burst into angry tears – i wanted to know the bog people – burst the pox – choke on a ‘smut’ of clover – cradle the sea witch – exorcise the yellow raspberry.

i didn’t know these people, i didn’t understand it at the time, too bruised by jamie’s voice, to hear the words.  the rest would all come tumbling after – moved by abrasive beauty and brash poetry, i have yet to hear any such concept album by xiu xiu or otherwise that could even come close to the musical and lyrical uniqueness.  there are too many lines and hooks to post just one or two or eight – and even then i couldn’t do the work any justice.  this isn’t just my favourite xiu xiu album – this is my favourite ALBUM, ever.  it is indigestible.  i dare you to try.

happy 5 years, la forêt.  may you be injected into my veins.