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January 28, 2011




after having participated in The Sketchbook Project, i have finally gotten back into the swing of sketching and journaling.



while i don’t consider myself to have any ‘style’ of drawing or composition, there are methods and processes that i play a lot with and gravitate towards.  after having not participated in journaling for months, picking up these habits again were difficult.  i gave myself a ridiculous timeline and was, for the most part, not very inspired.

was i between methods [styles]?

i am tilting on towards overlapping architecture, simple black lines on white. i am thinking about pointillism.



my ‘new zine’ will be mostly in this style.  i hope it doesn’t come across as ‘lazy’, i’m just not feeling dense layers.  the story was going to be an ‘anthology’ of hutch memories and stories but it got too personal very quickly.  there’s a lot to choose from and it’s all valid but unnecessary.

there’s a supposed audience to consider.  who the hell wants to read about 4 am existential crises and pancakes?  while i am sure some might be able to relate to the matter, i want the stories to be more about sense / place memory than specific memories.  tell without telling.

until i figure out where exactly i’m taking this, i have nietzsche to deal with.

this compendium of text / drawings DEVOURS pens.  luckily i’ve been getting them at 2/$1.  i’m lucky if i can get 10 pages done in a day before my spine fails at supporting me.


October 28, 2010

Blackfrost and Swimmerman in VS


when i introduced the idea of pitting Swimmerman against a new character, i have been confronted with much Swimmerman love. which is scary, if only because if he were Real, he would drag you into the ocean and cut you into tiny pieces.

how does one make something, someone, ~more evil~ than him?

a] turn to the mighty boosh


b] you cant

i thought it would be fun to create a zine around these characters, without using any text at all.  if you’ve been following my twitter at all, you might have a slight idea of what blackfrost’s specialty is.

in any case, here are the front and back covers.


i’m hoping to have it completed for EXPOZINE.  of which i will be a vendor.  on sunday.  BE THERE.

June 20, 2010

he grew sand in his hair

things are gonna change, i can feel it

this one goes out to all the friends and lovers of the evolution

all those who have been told they don’t exist

those deemed not real enough to live

this one is for you —


[translation] there’s a new ZINE in the SHOP

featuring my story ‘the imaginary’ [an edited version of imaginary // a smut of clover] and some of my very favourite things — TRIangles !  thousands of them!


the nasturtiums dont look like they’ll be blooming anytime soon

so i’ve been eating their leaves

a peppery goodness with tofu

because when they do reveal their colours

i won’t be here

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June 11, 2010


there’s a little CALIBRATION ,,,, in the air ,,,,,,

misaligning your chips to mine

you shouldn’t have yelled so low, so long

we don’t sway like we used to

in the days of kicked it punk heads

but the body moves on in the dark

she’s working on here mermaid hair

head hanging under the faucet

kelp bleeding wet follicles

one of these days we’ll get it right

with the exception of swan tails and bunny grass

feeling a home fumbling in a foreign country

closer than a mother tongue

i felt that

you do not seem to notice


know your mountain

circles circles

i was one once