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April 28, 2009


shades in the shade
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otherwise, here are some inane things that people have said that i find *hilarious*


‘everything was beautiful and nothing hurt’

‘people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’

‘you are as sparkling as jon dore’s eyes’

‘and for the first time in 2 years, simon finally gave amanda oral sex’

‘don’t burn witches, see a show!’


All we ever wanted was everything
All we ever got was cold
Get up, eat jelly
Sandwich bars, and barbed wire
Squash every week into a day
The sound of drums is calling
The sound of the drum has called
Flash of youth shoot out of darkness
Oh, to be the cream’

‘freedom: not too greasy not too not greasy’

‘it’s symbolic, moltar, things don’t always have to do things’

‘#1 cart wrangler on the upper east side’

‘this kitten piano needs a modwheel’

‘aint gonna work for no soul sucking jerk we’re gonna take it all back and we ain’t sayin’ jack’

‘now hold your hand on to the plow and work the dirt till the sun goes down’

‘if you’re going to be a dog then at least be a good dog’

‘il duce’

‘ya fukkin klaxon, mate’

‘jesus played me out again!’

‘my name is dean spelled D-E….’

‘i missed your beardless face’

‘it could hardly be called a hill…’

‘it is one book’

‘these figs taste like fig newtons without the newton’


‘damn you carl!’

‘ibuprofen, i am your best friend’

april 6 2009

‘aaaaah i got sambal oelek in my eye!’


april 5 2009

heather :: ‘cinnamon?!’
seth       :: ‘sparkle?!’
heather :: ‘gel?!’