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October 25, 2009

Architexture // Coralhedronlandt

variable light coloured the otherwise flat landscape.
this is coralhedronlandt,
an impossible compound
double entendre of elements
it doesn’t really matter where you go, you can’t stay here
home is when it has chosen you
there is no decay here. the worms will not eat your insides.
stroking the wrong cyan, turning back is an eyelid reversal
treason tried and failed by virtue of redun-dance.

May 23, 2009



aka the unnamed pet, the creature, covered in wax.
details here
‘everything was beautiful and nothing hurt’ though we were in excruciating pain.

look like

april 13th – 19th i particpated in a traveling show with my artx class @ concordia.
here, i took my designated 2’x4′ piece of plywood, painted it, placed handmade imaginary sea creatures on it, and immortalised them in paraffin wax.
a quick 11 hour lesson in endurance sculptural performance must have secreted an insane amount of endorphins into my brain – i was high as kite, breaking out of my soft shell, hiding behind this strange creature, having conversations with complete strangers.
i learned how to interact with my object as the persona i took on. 2 cotton straps and 4 swivel wheels made it come alive with love as i learned the new rules of sidewalk etiquette.
all we ever wanted was everything, we wanted it to never end. but it did, and now the cart has been recuperated and now sits under this very computer i am typing on, as a desk.
we wake up early, unknowingly changing our circadian rhythms for the better and reforeignize a familiar city. i have walked the lachine canal every spring since i moved here in 2003, but it was never like..this.
the last day of the show i was very tired. i love the performance but my legs were giving out and my hands were swollen with blisters. the objects on my cart were slowly falling off as the rough road surface loosened the cotton from the wood. but i went anyway to parc lafontaine. and there, at the bottom of a dry pond, were ten thousand tiny snail shells, 1 franc, a crab claw, and most importantly, the intact radius + ulna of a pigeon.
for those who do not know me, allow me to highlite this importance.

triple radius triple ulna

one must go out in order to make discoveries.

Combined Youth

the concept behind combined youth has arisen from the statement / eternal mantra of STAY GOLD.
here, i have discovered, recovered, and rediscovered artifacts from my youths and re worked them, re stitched them, creating a series of collaborations with my former selves.

sunny bunny

through drawing and textile art, mainly, i am observing the remnants of a past and giving them value in my practice. i don’t have the heart to throw these funny papers away, but also, living in a small apartment in montreal, i certainly don’t have the space to keep all of these things. i have found them to be a constant source of inspiration to do that 7 year old proud, and have them participate much more often .

jigsaw notebook v - dear heather

be they in sketchbooks, memory books, clothes, or decor, i have these pasts around me. pasts of colour and sense remembrance. the more we remember, the more we forget or romanticise. the lines of pasts and presents are blurred now, as i can combine my youth of last week with my today heather….would that be valid?