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August 8, 2010



[wow this sounds creepy]

i am looking for someone to read THE MEDEA with me!  we all know the story – but its brilliance is illuminated when read aloud!  it’s sort of like putting on our own private play.  i’ll portion the parts 50/50 [in hopes for the dialogues to be balanced] and we’ll speak in funny voices and it’ll be a riot!  at least, until we hit the infanticide.

August 2, 2010


how did I end up here
curled up on this couch?
where did you learn such a bold wink
whisking me off to your bedroom?
mousey toy
this continent is lit by the holocaust
beneath my ribs (between my lips)
mousey toy
how did two tiny ribbons untie
and unfold into a lime tree?
then to darken a room for other men
a dove hit mid-flight turns away

how did i end up here

the pervasive cedar smells

the stumbling upon broken glass beaches

a marked absence lined with paint and dirt pits

scrambling up cliffs to escape the oncoming bog

not yet censored, the layers remain hidden

do kids still hang out beneath bridges?

disarmingly so

January 3, 2010

Ilhu of Bedlam

i’ve started a concept blog called GIRLS OF BEDLAM

it is of the poetic / prosaic / experimental / collaborative kind

reqbat has already joined as author – and so can you!

if you are, or know of, a bedlam girl [or boy! boys are definitely welcome ^_^]  please drop me a line and i’ll add you to the list of writers.

if you don’t know what genre of girls are bedlamic, i implore you – explore
[the goofy, the colourful, the caffeinated, the laughing, the nerdy, introverted, the socially inept, the eager, the able]

December 6, 2009

Love Is No Light pt 3

 love is no light

clikity – largest is best!

a collage of photos i took of festive lights to and from the pa.

and one of brick i took from place des arts metro.