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July 30, 2010

2 <3 1 <3

And you’re standing here beside me
I love the passing of time
Never for money
Always for love

ever since i laid eyes on balenciaga’s ss10 collection i knew this summer was going to be a hot one.  i made this mess of a life inspired by the heat that permeates my skin when i see aqua/orange/white/pink.

summer 2010

[1] handful of silver sequins and nail polish i first saw on the hands of reqbat and knew had to be mine.

[2] pink and silver fluffy pencil case purchased from ardene 100000 years ago.  now holds sharpies for utmost deviance.

[3] hand printed cedric and omar of the mars volta.  made by the ever lovely i_rbg

[4] neon orange acrylic yarn for retina punching bombing.

February 8, 2010


i’m at the state where almost everything is in process, and not anywhere close to being finished.

which means it must be the perfect time to change my entire style, right?


reqbat and i have joined forces against twee.  now, if any of my viewer[s] are twee, or have a fondness for it, close your ears and cover your eyes.

you see, we’ve gone goth.  or something.  if its dead, so what? FUCK YEA GOTHS is my new favourite thing on the internet, but i guess my admitting to want to be goth of very un-gothy of me. but! i’m also really digging the decora style of fruits, so technically, maybe, i’m still the same person?

so meta.

Photo 443Photo 448

but the cuteness, it isnt doing anything for me anymore.  give me fad gadget, the horrors, suicide, cabaret voltaire, spider and the flies – anything but candy dream wonders.  even though i’m already a size 9/10, i’m dying for a pair of high buckled winklepickers and a classy wig.

i spent the night watching THE CROW and folding PHiZZ modules, and wound up folding this little bad boy ::

every single hedra only like this

please note that this is 2 sides of the same tetrahedron hexahedron.  this is a big breakthrough in my renegade, heavily lady gaga inspired project[s].

regarding the backlash surrounding xiu xiu’s video for ‘dear god, i hate myself’ i have one thing to say ::

'dear god, i hate myself' is art.  if you can't handle it : GTFO.

wikipedia defines art as :: the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.

just because something appeals to the negative aspect of our psyches, does not mean it is not art.  know thyself, and know when you’re in over your head, trying to explain to a gossip blog the meaning of ‘aesthetics’.

lesson learned – and xiu xiu will go on with their fabulously bad selves, no matter what.

thank god for that.