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August 7, 2009

Spengler Figure Bird Porn


away tomorrow evening – so this week’s RADIOPARTY is tonight

fueled by avocado pizza and cucumber salse, i’ll be reading volume one of oswald spengler’s ‘decline of the west’ and figure drawing.

but heather – you ask – who will you draw????
for the best modeling, try porn!
pinup is always fun – these girls make such dynamic lines with their limbs – it’s a wonder their bones don’t pop out of their joints sometimes.
[oh heather, such a square]

another figure i have issues with are birds.  the wing / beak ratio is really weak.

see you on the radio.

twitter today, like livejournal, is not letting me update.
slow night of not thing other than

Photo 273

featuring gnostic radio and american cliche.
gimme noise has quickly become ol’ standby
currently playing bulletproof [i wish i was] // radiohead

i need to figure out how to make this cooler