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June 25, 2010

a broad broad abroad

cos we’re ALL better off, in NEW YORK


soon, my love.  so soon….

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January 2, 2010

NYC, My Love

just not ready

i have returned from a place of light and hope, one that i could slip into so so easily and establish a closer self than i think i could here.  at 16, i gave myself 5 years in mtl to figure things out and move on [in 2003 the plan was russia, oh small and slavophilic self], and now it seems i’m 23 and pushing 7 years of social incest.

cortlandt lives

anything that is anything is here. i didn’t even know cortlandt was a real place until a few days ago. behold, the city of dreams, love, and architecture.



and i thought i held the amazing ability to create aggregates out of seemingly unrelated things – here is the entire population of canada pieced together snugly on an island making it happen.

sensor overlord

the cold ripped us but we traversed, champed, stomped it out, semi transient life forms we were. the sun was bright, so bright i think me sensor took a little holiday and gave me lemonade.

industrial brilliance

industrially speaking, most brilliant. no one would be able to survive a zombie infestation here, but dying in nyc vs rotting in mtl is an easy decision.

return is a matter of time

my return to my new home is only a matter of time – a short time, thankfully. i have plans – waterside plans, gin on the bowery plans [a la magnetic fields], brooklyn plans, and museums and viral public art.


once in a blue moon, you’ll find your soulmate.

once in a blue moon

i heart ny

i am starting a new blog GIRLS OF BEDLAM – poems for the goofy girl. maybe there’s a market for it. there are countless poems for the goth girl, the punk girl, the exotic girl, the girl next door. for we are none, yet all of these things.  and always starting new things as a form of frantic ability.

pod pod pod

i resolve to enter that strange tower.

there's where he went